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The Product-Market Fit Guide for SaaS Startups

Nothing is as intoxicating for a SaaS startup founder as those initial signs of traction. You have built an MVP, ...
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Accepting PayPal Subscriptions: Everything You Need to Know

PayPal is one of the most popular payment processors in the world. It has millions of customers and processes almost ...
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What Is Personalized eCommerce (and How Can It Be Implemented)

Personalize ecommerce is something that everyone is discussing. Yet few businesses understand the concept or how to implement advanced personalization ...
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How To Start An Affiliate Program For Your Small Business

Affiliate marketing has continued to be an important profit generator for everyone from businesses to influencers. If you have watched ...
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SaaS Growth Hacks to Generate Your Perfect Buyers Persona

If you’ve been following the PayKickstart blog, you’ve probably already heard about SaaS growth hacks and buyer personas. Both concepts ...
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Complying With Visa’s CVV2 Mandate

If you’re a retailer in Canada, you need to make sure you’re following Visa’s CVV2 mandate. Visa is looking to ...
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Why you Should Consider Integration Partners as a Growth Hacking Strategy

It’d be nice if you could create a product that was the all in one solution for everyone and everything ...
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How to Prioritize “Feature Creep” to Build Better Products

Feature creep, just like the name implies, happens slowly and has far reaching consequences. Most businesses start out wanting to ...
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The Dreaded “Your payment method was declined” and How to Reclaim that Lost Revenue

No one dreads “your payment is decline” more than a customer… except perhaps the business itself. If you run an ...
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