Why Cloudways Hosting is the Perfect Fit for your Ecommerce Business

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    October 1st, 2019
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It’s no secret that a slow website can frustrate customers and actually make you lose money. The right web hosting can make or break your Ecommerce business.

Not only that, it affects rankings in search engines and the perception of your business. No matter how much you optimize a website, if you have bad hosting, there’s nothing you can really do about the speed of your website.

In fact, websites across the board are getting slower which presents a unique opportunity for you to outshine the competition. That’s why premium hosting companies Like Cloudways are so important.

It’s much more than just website speed, the right host brings tons of benefits to the table. Cloudways is a completely managed Ecommerce hosting solution that’ll help you take your Ecommerce business to the next level.

In this article, you’ll learn why Cloudways is perfect for your Ecommerce business.

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a managed hosting platform that was founded in 2011 by a small team and has been serving businesses of all sizes since then. As a managed hosting company, you’re given access to dedicated servers and things like management, administration, and maintenance of the infrastructure is taken care of for you. It’s designed to be incredibly scalable so your website can handle any spike in traffic or load that’s thrown at it.

To a layperson, one hosting solution is as good as the next. This is why people confuse as old as dinosaur age shared hosting with the latest cloud hosting solutions. Really, standard hosting is like a 1989 Toyota Camry while Cloudways is like the latest Audi R8.

Plans and pricing

Because of the level of service that can be obtained by managed hosting providers, they’re often expensive. It can cost thousands of dollars a month depending on the features you want and need. This is how Cloudways is different. Instead of being hit with a huge hosting bill, you can start for as little as $10/m up to $275/m.

Instead of going out and getting an account with a platform like Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud, etc. You can choose to use those particular servers to set up your managed hosting with Cloudways.

Features and functionality

Cloudways homepage

This is what we’ve all been waiting for and for good reason. The right features will create an enjoyable and worry-free experience. The wrong features will have you wondering why you signed up in the first place. Cloudways offers many of the right features.

24/7 customer support

Not many hosting companies provide high-quality support. Even fewer provide round the clock high-quality support. Regardless of the plan you’re on, you get access to knowledgeable support personnel that will answer any hosting questions you have.

In addition to answering questions about Cloudways server operations, the support guys are very good at suggesting server-level optimizations that jazz up your experience.

Free migration

Migrating from one host to another can be a hassle especially when you’ve already got a popular website that receives thousands of visitors. When you sign up for a new Cloudways account, they’ll help you migrate all the files and setting from your own host and set it up on their servers for free. Not only that, they’ll ensure it happens with zero downtime so business keeps moving as usual.

Free SSL certificate

Security on the web is important. It’s even more important when you’re processing transactions directly on your website. Even though you may be using an advanced shopping cart like PayKickstart that has its own security features, it’s important to show your visitors they can trust you right from the beginning.

An SSL certificate goes a long way towards doing that. With Cloudways, you automatically get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt and can install it on your website with a few button clicks.

Managed backups and security

Another important feature that it brings to the table is the managed automatic backups. Once a day, the platform will run a routine backup and store it for you so if you notice any issues, you can restore a previous version of your Ecommerce website. You can also set a custom backup schedule that better fits your needs.

In addition to the regular backups, Cloudways also manages the server security for you. It has platform level firewalls and continuously monitors the servers for breaches and other security threats. Additionally, you can set up 2-factor authentication to give yourself an extra layer of safety.

Cloudways CDN

The platform utilizes the servers it provides you in a way that makes your website lightning fast. In addition to that, it has a powerful CDN that gives you even more speed gains. The end result is a website that’s optimized from the ground up. All you have to do is take care of things on your end and you’ll deliver a great experience to every visitor.  

Another thing to consider is its 99.999% uptime guarantee. You can remain at ease knowing your website is always online.

Ecommerce optimized configurations

Finally, the benefits of managed hosting really come to the forefront when you’re configuring everything for your CMS. With normal shared hosting, you’re extremely limited with the way servers are configured.

With your own servers, you have to set up everything exactly how you want it and maintain it over time which can be overwhelming. This is where managed hosting like Cloudways becomes indispensable.

Instead of being confined by limited server settings or the need to maintain server settings yourself, opt for Cloudways managed hosting solution that provides an optimized hosting stack for all CMS and Ecommerce platforms including Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress & Drupal.

When your server is set up properly, you can focus on the things that matter. Optimize your website for conversions, learn the ropes of SEO or hire an agency, deliver exceptional customer support, or create better products.

Ease of use

All the features in the world don’t matter if you can’t use and access them – right. Cloudways has an intuitive modern interface that can be learned in a day. After that, you should be right at home adding, changing, or otherwise editing parts of your hosting.


Cloudways is a powerful managed hosting solution for your ecommerce business. It’s more affordable than almost any other hosting in its category. At the same time, it comes packed full of features that’ll give you an edge.

You can choose between 5 hosting providers and pay as you go which makes it ideal for any budget. The knowledgeable support, customization options, and provisions for almost every Ecommerce CMS businesses use makes Cloudways a great solution for Ecommerce organizations that care about security, scalability, and reliability in their infrastructure.

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