Sales Metrics Transaction Reports

Drill down into each campaign or product to analyze sales
and revenue metrics.

Subscription Analytics

Recurring Revenue

Accurately track MRR/ARR to conduct proper
financial forecasting, measure growth and business

Plan Breakdown

Optimize your pricing, by segmenting your
revenue, broken down by plan.

Churn and Recovered Revenue Reports

Proactively monitor customer churn, while keeping
track of the effectiveness of your dunning and revenue
revenue efforts.

Cancellation Insights

Collect cancellation reasons as you improve your
product and grow your company.

Performance Reports

Trial Performance

Measure trial-to-paid performance to continually
improve those crucial early days of product adoption
and customer onboarding.

Traffic Reports

Identify where your traffic is coming from and
which traffic is converting to more sales.

Funnel Reports

Track the performance of every step in your funnel to
make incremental conversion improvements.

Affiliate Reports

See which affiliate partners are bringing you the
most sales, the best conversion rate & EPC —
focusing your outreach efforts on the affiliates who
are making the biggest impact.

Reporting for Affiliate Partners

Commission Reports

Affiliates can see real-time commissions being
generated (GDPR compliant).

Payout Reports

Affiliates can monitor pending commissions and
paid commissions, including when each
commission was paid and what form of payout
method was used by the vendor.

Traffic Reports

With TID support and unique tracking links, affiliates
can pinpoint which traffic or promotional source is
converting the best.


Need More Insights?
Seamless integration with one of our Reporting & Accounting partners.

Event & Activity Logs

Have checks and balances across your entire account. Monitor API calls, Instant Payment
Notifications (IPN), product changes, account logins, and more.


Designed to help confirm that each lead or
customer has received all transactional emails and
integrated 3rd party integrations are firing and
delivering correctly.


An easy way to monitor internal changes & updates
within your account – monitoring any changes to
Campaigns, Products, Funnels and more. This is great
for checks, balances and the security of your