Revenue Retention

Track and manage subscriptions throughout the customer lifecycle.
Build customer relationships, minimize churn and increase lifetime value.

What is Dunning?

Dunning is the process of communicating with at-risk or delinquent customers to ensure billing is in good standing.

Dunning Management

Automatically recover failed recurring payments, allowing customers to update their billing
method, keeping more subscriptions active.

  • Email Sequence

    Control and customize the email sequence that gets automatically sent to delinquent customers.

  • Cancellation Rules

    Configure the cancellation rules for when delinquent customers fail to update their billing details.

  • Billing Method Update

    Easily allow customers to change/update their billing method while keeping their subscription active an intact.

  • In-App Notifications

    Show in-app notifications in your members area or application when a payment method is about to expire, a free trial is about to or has expired, and when a payment needs customer authentication.

Customer Communication

Automated email communication ensures that customers receive the information they need,
when they need it, throughout the entire lifecycle.

  • Subscription Renewal Reminder

    Be transparent and give your customers a heads up when and how much you will be charging them for an upcoming subscription renewal.

  • Trial Ending Reminder

    Invoke scarcity by sending a “trial ending” email sequence, converting more free trial customers to paid subscriptions.

  • Credit Card Expiring Reminder

    Never let an expiring credit card get in the way of successfully charging your customers. Remind them to update their credit card on file before it expires.

  • Cart Abandonment Reminder

    Send an email reminder to someone who started completing the checkout process but left without purchasing.

Cancellation Saver & Retention Flows

Add customers through customizable cancellation saver flows to minimize churn, while gathering invaluable feedback and insights.

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