Dunning Management

Fully automate the recovery of failed payments and lost recurring revenue.

  • Pre-dunning credit card expiring reminders
  • Advanced dunning rules and sequencing
  • In-App Notifications
  • Identify at-risk customers
  • Smart card retries
  • Setup cancellation rules
  • Self-serve customer payment method updates
  • Multi-touch communication
REVENUE RECOVERED SINCE 2016 $12,913,743.45 *Updated monthly

How Much Revenue Could
You be Recovering?

On average, PayKickstart users decrease churn by 46%

Churn Rate

Lost Revenue

With PayKickstart, you can recover of monthly recurring revenue.
This is an additional of annual revenue.

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identifying the reason
for your churn?

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Customer Reminders

Preserve your customer relationships, elevate your brand, and retain more subscriptions with transparent, effective reminders.

  • Trial Ending: Send end-of-trial reminders, especially customers who might need to enter their billing information to avoid service disruptions.
  • Renewal Reminder: Send customized upcoming renewal notices to remind customers that their account is about to renew.
  • Card Expiring: Send credit card expiring emails to allow customers to easily update their credit card information before it expires.
  • Strong Customer Authentication: To comply with new SCA regulations, send a notification to customers to “authorize” an upcoming charge.
  • Cart Recovery Emails: Reach out to abandoning customers by sending an email encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Cancellation Saver
& Retention Flows

Add customers through customizable cancellation saver flows to minimize churn, while gathering invaluable feedback and insights.

  • Retention Opportunities:
    Extend offers to your customers based on the reason they are looking to cancel.
  • Customized Rebuttals:
    Based on their reason for cancelling, provide customized rebuttals to increase the chances of saving each customer.
  • Cancellation Insights:
    Allow your customers to easily provide you feedback as to why they are cancelling.
  • Easy Communication:
    Engage with customers who are looking to cancel, on live chat or through your help desk to overcome their objections in real-time.