To Build Or Partner?

It’s a natural conversation to have within every software/SaaS company (and not to be taken lightly). The decision can have profound impacts — especially as you start to scale.

Given the first-hand experience we have, building a billing platform we fully understand the scope and complexity of what’s involved. To help you make an informed decision, let’s break down each path.

Building From

Building a Subscription Billing system is easy, right? On the surface, it seems like a relatively easy undertaking. However so much is overlooked (time, money, resources) that it quickly turns into a second product within your core product.

  • Hosting, Servers & Database maintenance & upgrades
  • Building custom billing logic for changing pricing strategies
  • Creating a first-class customer checkout experience
  • Developing payment recovery & churn retention tools
  • Handling customer communication
  • Adding currencies, payment methods & languages to sell globally
  • Providing compliant customer invoices
  • Changing tax regulations
  • Recognized revenue and reporting
  • Payment Gateway integration updates
  • Building & maintaining integrations with 3rd party tools
  • Ongoing security audits and compliance changes (PCI, GDPR, SOC2)
  • Never-ending bug fixes, patches, support and maintenance
  • Locked in to whichever payment gateway chosen

Partnering With A
Billing Platform

Have peace-of-mind knowing your billing stack won’t hold you back from your core product and vision as you grow.

Competitive Edge

A dedicated team designed to provide best-in-breed technology & functionality, giving your business an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Core Competency

Billing is all we do. Day and night we are thinking about new ways to improve the customer experience while generating you more revenue. Check out some of the newest features and enhancements.

Change Log

Move Faster

There are over 50+ ways to do subscription billing and revenue operations. Regardless of your pricing strategy, PayKickstart has you covered. Go from ideation to implementation at warp speed, with no-code, point-and-click configurations. Say goodbye to duct taping various tools and plugins together!

Scale Successfully

Leverage our robust infrastructure and flexibility to have everything you need at every stage of growth.

Cost Efficient

Pricing and plans that fit any business, allowing you to scale with confidence through every stage of growth.

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