Subscription Management

Track and manage subscriptions throughout the customer lifecycle.
Build customer relationships, minimize churn and increase lifetime value.

Billing Models

PayKickstart gives the ultimate control over your billing,
providing flexible billing scenarios, payment plans and subscriber acquisition tools.

  • One-Time Payments

    Best for companies that want to offer a product or service at a one-time fee.

  • Subscriptions

    Best for companies that charge a specific amount on a recurring basis (every week/monthly/quarter/year).

  • Trial Offers

    Best for companies that want to offer a “try before you buy/commit”, that rolls typically into recurring or usage-based pricing.

  • Setup Fees

    Best for companies that want to charge an upfront fee that typically rolls into a recurring charge.

  • Usage-Based Pricing

    Best for companies that want to charge their customers based on product/service consumption or usage.

  • Hybrid Pricing

    Best for companies that sell a mix of recurring and non-recurring products and want to allow their customers to pay for them in a single purchase.

  • Freemium

    Best for companies that want to offer free or basic services for customers to try, while offering premium, more advanced features that they pay for.

  • Payment Plans

    Best for companies that sell higher ticket products and services, allowing customers to break up the purchase into multiple payments, spread out over a certain number of payments.

  • Proration

    Best for companies who offer various plans and want customers to be able to prorate their subscription based on the price difference between plans.

  • Custom Pricing

    Best for companies who offer a complex billing model and need complete control how and when to charge their customers.

Customer Billing Portal

Our self-service billing portal makes it easy for your customers to access previous
purchases, manage their billing, and download invoices.

Manage Subscriptions

Allow your customers to manage their subscription, having the ability to upgrade/downgrade or cancel their subscription.

Update Payment Information

Allow your customers to update their payment method on file for successful rebill attempts.

Add Payment Backup Method

Allow your customers to add a backup payment method just in case the primary method fails, leading to more successful rebills and less churn.

View & Pay Invoices

(coming soon)

Allow your customers to view and manage any outstanding and paid invoices for their accounting records.

Customer Billing Portal Access

PayKickstart provides two unique experiences for our customer billing portal.

#1: Hosted Portal

Direct your customers to our PayKickstart hosted customer portal that will allow them to look up and manage any previous purchase from all PayKickstart vendors.

#2: Embedded Portal

Allow your customers to access a fully branded customer portal directly from inside of your application or members area. Simply embed the code onto a billing or my account page and enjoy all of the great customer billing features right from your own website.

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