Download The PayKickstart Mobile
App For iOS & Android

Accept Payment

Are you selling to someone in person or at a live event?

Accept payments right there from the mobile app. If they are already an existing customer, simply look up the customer profile and use the previous billing method that is securely stored in the system.

Sale & Commission Alerts

Receive real-time alerts for each sale and affiliate commission you generate. Your affiliates can even download the app to keep an eye on their referral commissions for products they are promoting of yours.

Transaction Management

Access transactional details and process refunds.

Subscription Management

Manage, cancel and modify existing subscription profiles.

Campaign Performance

Monitor the performance of a campaign or sales funnel, including traffic, sales, and conversions metrics.

Affiliate Request Management

Approve or deny your affiliate requests as they come in, all while on the go.

Affiliate Links

Quickly grab your affiliate links for products you are promoting.