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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we cancel our account at anytime? +

Yes!  You are able to cancel your subscription at anytime, with no long-term commitments.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at anytime? +

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime.  Simply choose the plan you want inside the billing area and your updated payment will be reflected each month.

How do you stack up against similar shopping cart/affiliate management solutions out there? +
Great question.  We have created a detailed side-by-side competitor comparison that puts PayKickstart up against some of our closest competition, that I think you will find very helpful.
Do you take a per-transaction fee? +

Nope, never! As Entrepreneurs ourselves, we get it. We want you to be able to keep as much profit from each sale you generate (which is how it should be). While other platforms charge upwords of 10% per transaction fees, we take 0%. The only fee you ever pay is direct to the payment gateway.

Do we need our own payment gateway account? +

Yes.  As part of our commitment to security, we do not store or process any sensitive information on PayKickstart servers.  All of that is done via our trusted 3rd party providers.  Currently, we integrate with PayPal, Stripe,, Braintree and Easy Pay Direct.

What makes PayKickstart different than the other guys? +

First, make sure you check out the comparison chart, as it highlights many of the things our platform can do.

PayKickstart has been built on really two core principles. The first is innovation. We have made a commitment to be at the forefront of providing our vendors and affiliates with the most advanced functionality to help automate, while at the same time help generate more sales and revenue.

The second is customer service. Between our help desk, in-app chat, private skype group, knowledge-base, API docs, feature request area, marketing guides, blog and changelog - we have become obsessed with providing AMAZING customer service and experience to our vendors and affiliates.

Is this a replacement for a traditional eCommerce store like Shopify or Magento. +

As much as it hurts us to say it, no. PayKickstart was not really designed to replace the traditional shopping cart where you offer hundreds or thousands of products that include lots of variations of a product (ie: color, size, etc...)

Where our vendors see the most value, are those who are selling software, information products, membership sites, and services.

With that being said, PayKickstart does also support simple physical goods, including a seamless integration with ShipZoom (and ShipOffers coming soon).

What if we need to do a custom integration, do you have an API we can utilize? +

Totally!  You can checkout our API docs here.  If you need any additional technical help, we are happy to assist via our help desk or in-app chat system.

Do you continue to add new features and improve on the platform? +

Absolutely!  We typically push out new features and enhancements on a monthly basis.  You can bookmark our "Changelog" which includes a record of all of our latest features and enhancements.  Plus we also have a Feature Request area where our vendors and affiliates and request for new features and also vote for the features that they want.  This is another great resources for keeping an eye on what we're currently working on.

Is there a live demo of the platform, so we can see PayKickstart in action? +

We have a number of different ways you can experience PayKickstart.  We have a few different self-serve, on-demand demo's you can watch or you can schedule a personalized 1-on-1 demo with someone for our trained sales team.  If you are ready to get your hands dirty, you can sign-up for any one of our plans, which come with a 14-day free trial.

I'm in! What is the best way to get started? +
Congratulations!  The first thing I would recommend you do is to download our Quick Start Guides that will provide you with the basics on how to get your products up and running.  We've also created a 14 day video training bootcamp.  Each day we highlight a different section of the platform, that will help get you up to speed and leveraging even the most advanced features in the platform.