Affiliate Management

Recruit and manage an army of affiliate partners to promote your products for you.

Instant & Delayed Commission Payouts

Set each affiliate to instant commissions which will send their commissions instantly at the point-of-sale or delay commissions which will allow you to pay them once the transaction is outside your refund period or at a later date.

W9/W8 Tax Form Collection

PayKickstart collects and secures W9 and W8 tax forms, allowing vendors to access those documents from their affiliates, so they can provide affiliates the proper tax documents for paid out commissions.

Lifetime Commissions

Have full control with how affiliate referrals get tracked and how commissions are earned. Choose to allow affiliates to earn commissions on a Per Campaign basis or a Lifetime Commission program - that allow affiliates to promote one product, yet earn commissions across all of your different products and offers.

Built-in Marketing Materials

Each affiliate has their own login area where they will be able to gather all of their promotional materials to promote any vendor on the PayKickstart platform. Affiliates can find their unique affiliate link(s), promotional banners, email swipes and any contests being run by the vendor.

Real-Time Affiliate Contests

Vendors can run incentive contests, with a real-time leaderboard - displaying who the top affiliates are, based on the number of sales or revenue generated. The leaderboard widget can be added to any website or Affiliate page and is updated in real-time.

Payout Method Management

PayKickstart provides a range of different methods for affiliates to receive their commissions. We provide all payout methods provided by the affiliate for easy commission payouts.

Automated Bonus Delivery

Affiliates love to offer bonuses like a free eBook or product, to their referred customers who purchase through our link. Affiliates can automatically send their bonuses to each customer of whom they earn an affiliate commission for.

Lead & Sales Tracking

Pay your affiliates a commission for each referral lead and/or sale.

Affiliate Marketplace

PayKickstart connects product sellers and affiliates, making it easy for vendors to generate affiliate traffic to their offers, and for affiliates to find products to promote.

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