Combine ClickFunnels With PayKickstart To Create the Ultimate Selling Machine

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There’s no doubt that ClickFunnels is a great tool for streamlining and automating an online business. With tons of features, ClickFunnels is a great choice for any business. Similarly, PayKickstart is a fantastic platform with a bevy of features designed to help you run your online business easily.

While each standing alone is great for a certain job, putting them together creates a one-of-a-kind solution that can take your business to the next level. Before we jump into the details of this combination, let’s first look at the broad differences between the two.

So, what is ClickFunnels? ClickFunnels is a landing page, and sales funnel platform that helps you create online sales funnels, which are essentially a series of interconnected landing pages. How about PayKickstart? PayKickstart is a shopping cart and affiliate management platform that helps you accept payments and manage your affiliate business.

As you can see, one handles the sales funnel aspect of your business very well (ClickFunnels), and the other handles the payments aspect of your business equally well (PayKickstart). Now that we have some context let’s dive into the details that make PayKickstart the perfect match for ClickFunnels.


Manage Your Products

Everything in ClickFunnels is oriented around sales funnels. Because of this, you must clone multiple products each time you need to add them to a new funnel. PayKickstart makes this easy by allowing you to create campaigns which you can then add to a flexible funnel builder. This approach gives you more control over your products and funnels through easy customizations.

Checkout Templates

ClickFunnels has a massive library of landing page templates, but it lacks similar variety when it comes to check out templates. PayKickstart offers a massive library of professionally designed checkout templates that include single-step and multi-step checkout sequences and that are easily customizable to match your branding and customers experience. Additionally, PayKickstart offers checkout popup widgets and checkout form embeds.

1-Click Upsells

Both ClickFunnels and PayKickstart offer one-click credit card upsells. However, a major differentiating factor is that PayKickstart offers easy one-click PayPal upsells. As one of the first shopping carts to integrate with PayPal’s new payment API that supports one-click upsells, instant commission payouts, seamless subscription management as so much more, PayKickstart offers this additional option so your customers can use the payment method they are most comfortable with.

Creating and Managing Subscriptions

ClickFunnels does not manage your subscriptions, so creating and managing subscriptions requires you to access the payment gateway, create a subscription, and map it to ClickFunnels. Subscription management is a core PayKickstart feature, so completing subscription management tasks happens seamlessly, including adjusting subscriptions, upgrading or downgrading customers, pushing out the next payment due date, among others.

Address Autocomplete

Autocomplete has grown to become a standard in e-commerce. As such, today, customers expect this feature. ClickFunnels does not support this feature, meaning customers must input their address manually every time they check out. PayKickstart offers address autocomplete, helping your customers check out faster.


If you offer your services across different countries, you will need to use third-party integrations to translate your pages when using ClickFunnels. PayKickstart supports shopping cart translations right out of the box. When creating your shopping cart in PayKickstart, select the language you prefer, and the entire shopping cart will display in this language.

Real-time Currency Conversion

Again, if you are selling to customers in different countries, showing them how much the item will cost in their currency is a powerful incentive. ClickFunnels does not support this. PayKickstart allows you to show your customers how much the final cost at checkout is in their currency.

Sales and VAT Tax

In some areas, customers are required to pay sales and VAT tax when making a purchase. ClickFunnels does not have this feature, meaning adding these taxes becomes a tedious affair. With PayKickstart, all you need to do is create a tax profile and then add it to each checkout experience based on the requirements of your target customers.

Automated Dunning and Failed Payment Recovery

Part of any payments, but especially subscription businesses run into failed payments due to expired cards, insufficient funds, incorrect customer info or maxed out credit. Failed payments can actually account for 10% – 14% of the estimated revenue in a given month! PayKickstart automates retries and customer communications through email, voicemail or text – or any combination of those to ensure a customer is aware of the need to update payment information.

Cancellation Saver or “Churn Saver”

While cancellations, or churn, are an inevitable part of subscriptions, you can actually reduce churn by up to 46% by utilizing PayKickstart’s built in cancellation saver. It is a sequence that gets to the reason for a customer wanting to churn, and then you can custom offer a coupon, support help, or some other incentive to get them to stay.

Dispute and Chargeback Management

Disputes and chargebacks are a foregone assumption when it comes to e-commerce. How you handle them is what matters. ClickFunnels does not support this out of the box, meaning you may end up paying disputed commissions or adding chargebacks to your revenue projections. PayKickstart gives you a clear view of all your disputed transactions and chargebacks so you can manage them accordingly.

Affiliate Management

Monthly Cost

In ClickFunnels, you will need to pay ever-increasing fees as your affiliate business grows. This can hurt your business as the rising costs eat into whatever growth you experience. PayKickstart offers a flat cost on the Professional and Premium subscription levels, which helps keep your costs steady as you grow your affiliate business.

Instant and Delayed Commissions

ClickFunnels Backpack affiliate management system does not support regulating commission payments. PayKickstart makes it easy to pay your affiliates instantly at the point of sale as well as control whether an affiliate is paid instantly or through delayed payments. If on delayed, you can use the PayKickstart affiliate wizard to pay out using PayPal Mass Pay, bank wire, Payoneer or check.

Lead and Sale Tracking

In PayKickstart, you can pay commissions for both verified leads and sales. This is great for cost per action (CPA) and lead campaigns. In ClickFunnels, you do not have these options, which makes it hard to organize and run your lead and sales tracking campaigns.

Joint Venture Contracts

In a joint venture (JV), you want to be able to control how much is paid to each party at the point of sale. In ClickFunnels, you would need to calculate these figures each month manually. However, PayKickstart offers this feature out of the box, calculating for you how much each party gets, allowing for easy payouts and payments tracking.

Built-In Marketing

To help your affiliates sell, even more, PayKickstart offers banners, email swipes and other marketing collateral from right within the PayKickstart affiliate center. This feature is especially important to ensure a consistent and streamlined marketing image and message for your products.

W8/W9 Tax Management

PayKickstart requires all affiliates managed within the platform to fill out a W8 or W9 tax form. This makes it easy when you need to send your affiliates the appropriate tax form at the end of the year. ClickFunnels does not offer this, which means you must do this manually.

Mobile App

The PayKickstart mobile apps for both iOS and Android help you stay on top of all that’s happening with your business while on the move. With real-time sales notifications and commission updates, you can keep an eye on how much is coming in from the convenience of your mobile device.

In Summary

In software, it’s always clear that no single platform can do everything very well. That’s why here at PayKickstart, we acknowledge that ClickFunnels does landing pages and sales funnels very well. That’s why we use ClickFunnels for some of our landing pages. Similarly, we have built PayKickstart to do two main things very well – shopping cart management and affiliate management.

When you combine the two, you can create amazing landing pages and sales funnels and compliment them with an equally amazing shopping cart and affiliate management experience. To find out how PayKickstart can help supercharge your ClickFunnels,

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