Are You Using ClickFunnels to Handle Payment
Processing and Affiliate Management?

Let me ask you a question…

Are you using ClickFunnels to build out your sales funnels and pages?
If you said yes, then you are in the right place.

Hey its Mark Thompson from PayKickstart.

As a fellow online Entrepreneur, I fully understand the value of having software, systems and automation built into your business to help it run like a well-oiled machine.

This is actually one of the reasons why we use ClickFunnels for several of our pages.

However, while ClickFunnels is, in my opinion, the best solution currently available for building all different types of landing pages and funnels – without the need for a designer or developer – they still lack in other important areas.

Why So Many ClickFunnels Users Combine
PayKickstart to Create The Ultimate Selling Machine!

Unfortunately, when it comes to the actual checkout experience and affiliate management functionality, it is somewhat of an afterthought in ClickFunnels.

It’s not a knock on ClickFunnels. Knowing first hand, we realize that it’s hard to be the very best at everything when it comes to building software.

That’s why at PayKickstart we have put our focus at being the very best shopping cart and affiliate management solution.

So you’re probably asking yourself…

What added value does PayKickstart bring
that ClickFunnels can’t already do?

Let me show you…

How can PayKickstart complement ClickFunnels
to help deliver more sales and revenue
into my business?

  • Managing Your Products

    First off, everything inside ClickFunnels is powered by “funnels” which makes it hard to manage products – having to add/clone the same product that may be used in multiple funnels.

    Instead, PayKickstart allows you to create Campaigns, adding products into those Campaigns, then easily selecting the products you want to add inside of an easy visual funnel builder. This approach allows for more flexibility and customizations.

  • Checkout Templates

    While ClickFunnels offers a bunch of great landing page templates, they lack a large library of checkout templates.

    PayKickstart provides a massive library of professionally designed one-step and multi-step checkout page templates that are easily customizable to fit your branding and customer experience.

    As well as checkout page templates, PayKickstart also offers additional checkout options like Checkout Popup Widgets that can display on any link, graphic or buy button. As well as Checkout Form Embeds, which allow you to create a custom checkout page with literally any page builder (like a ClickFunnels) or HTML, then insert a checkout form directly onto the page.

  • 1-Click Upsells

    While both platforms offer 1-click upsells for Credit Card, a major feature that separates PayKickstart is the ability to offer 1-click upsells for PayPal as well.

    We have partnered with PayPal to be the first shopping cart to integrate their brand new API, that supports 1-click upsells, instant commission payouts to affiliates, seamless subscription management and much more.

  • Creating Subscriptions

    Since ClickFunnels doesn’t truly manage the subscription themselves, creating a subscription requires you to go to your payment gateway, create the subscription, then map that subscription in ClickFunnels.

    Outside of adding extra steps and time, there are a bunch of setbacks here. First, you do not have the flexibility to adjust the subscription if needed, for things like pushing out the next payment due date, seamlessly upgrading or downgrading a customer to a different plan or level, cancelling and restarting a subscription, changing the payment method from PayPal to Credit Card or Credit Card to Paypal, even switching payment processors altogether for future rebills and sales.

    PayKickstart gives you the flexibility to do all of these things – straight out of the box.

  • Also did you realize that around 30% of rebills fail? Unfortunately, ClickFunnels doesn’t have a dunning email sequence to have customers update their billing details and keep the subscription active. PayKickstart provides our subscription saver sequence that has proven to regain around 50-60% of those failed rebills.

  • Address Auto-Complete

    ClickFunnels also lacks things like Address Auto-Complete. So instead of making a customer manually enter their entire billing details, with PayKickstart they can start typing their address and it will auto-complete the rest of the fields.

  • Translation

    If you cater to multiple languages and locations, it can be a tedious task in ClickFunnels – having to manually translate the text on each checkout page.

    With PayKickstart, you simply select which language you want, and it will automatically translate it for you on BOTH the checkout page and the email notifications that are sent to your customers.

  • Real-Time Currency Conversion

    With PayKickstart, not only can you charge customers in up to 32 different currencies, you can also enable our Currency Conversion feature, which allows the customer at checkout to see how much they will be charged in their local currency.

  • Sales & VAT Tax

    Many businesses are required to charge a sales or VAT tax. Unfortunately, ClickFunnels doesn’t offer this ability.

    With PayKickstart, you can create and apply a Tax Profile to any order. Tax Rates are updated on a regular basis or you can create a custom tax rate of your own.

  • Dispute/Chargeback Management

    As a vendor, it’s a forgone conclusion that you’ll receive chargebacks and disputes. It’s just part of running an online business. However, ClickFunnels does not have a way to update each transaction/affiliate commission. So this can lead to paying affiliates commissions on disputed transactions and throw off your accounting, tracking a dispute or chargeback as revenue.

    PayKickstart speaks directly with each of your payment gateways, to keep each transaction up-to-date, throughout the dispute process. Only unlocking the transaction once it’s completed.

  • Affiliate Management

    Now that we’ve covered the differences from a checkout view, let’s dive into some of the differences when it comes to affiliate management.

    First off, the biggest difference is that your monthly bill from ClickFunnels will increase a few hundred dollars JUST to be able to have any affiliate management functionality.

    With PayKickstart, Affiliate Management is included with our Professional plan and Premium plans.

    Also Backpack, ClickFunnel’s affiliate system is extremely basic – handling only basic tracking and payouts.

    Here are a bunch of advanced affiliate management features that you won’t find with ClickFunnels…

  • Instant & Delayed Commissions

    Have the ability to pay out your affiliates instantly at the point of sale. Control whether an affiliate should be put on instant or delayed commissions.

    Once on delayed, you will have an advanced Payouts wizard that allows you to pay out commissions via PayPal Mass Pay, Bank Wire, Payoneer, or Check.

  • Lead & Sale Tracking

    PayKickstart has the ability to issue commissions for both verified leads and sales that an affiliate refers. This is great for CPA offers, leads contests or pre-launches.

  • JV Contracts

    Let’s say you have partnered with someone to launch a product. Instead of manually having to do accounting every month to see who is owed what, you can create a JV contract, set the revenue sharing for each product and PayKickstart will automatically calculate your partner or partners revenue share – even taking payment gateway fees into consideration.

  • Built-In Marketing

    Vendors can add email swipe copy, banners and even create real-time leaderboards of which affiliates can access directly from inside their PayKickstart account, to easily promote your products.

  • W9/W8 Tax Management

    PayKickstart requests a W9 or W8 tax form to be filled out by each affiliate. This is great for the end of the year when you need to send affiliates the appropriate tax form.

  • Mobile App

    Vendors can take their business on the go.  Be notified of sales, affiliate requests, and reports.

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Checkout Experience
Checkout Templates 6
Checkout Popups
Checkout Form Embeds
1-Click Upsell (Credit Card)
1-Click Upsell (PayPal)
Address Auto-Complete
Auto Translation
Subscription Management
Subscription Creation Payment Gateway Internal
Change "Next Charge Date"
Seamless Upgrade/Downgrade
Cancel/Restart Subscription
Dunning / Subscription Saver
Failed Transaction Saver
Update Payment Method
Switch Payment Gateway
Affiliate Management
Instant Commissions
Delayed Commissions
Payout Management
Lead (CPA) Tracking
Sale Tracking
JV Contracts
Built-in Marketing Materials
W8/W9 Tax Management
Fraud Protection
Mobile App

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