Author: Don Sturgill

A List of Payment Gateway Providers We Love

Payment gateway providers are a lot like traffic lights: they tell you when to proceed … and when to stop. Online sellers want the green light to stay on constantly when sales transactions are processed. But it’s not. The light turns red way too often. Here’s a troubling set of ecommerce statistics: About one in […]

Does the “Freemium Model” Still Work?

The concept behind the freemium model is simple: You rapidly build your subscription base by giving your service away for free. Once your customers are hooked on the value you provide, they’ll naturally want to step up to the (even more valuable) paid version. The freemium model is basically a digital version of the classic […]

Finding the Perfect Subscription Management Software

Here’s my field-tested theory on subscription management software: If you only need a garden hoe, don’t rent a backhoe. But if you really do need a backhoe, by all means go get one – just don’t start drooling over the Komatsu PC4000 hydraulic excavator sitting at center stage on the heavy equipment seller’s lot.  In […]

Your Customer’s Credit Card Declined, Now What?

There are two things every digital marketer should know about “credit card declined” problems that put a screeching halt to sales during the online checkout process: Card declined notifications are an inescapable part of doing business online You don’t have to lose the order because of them Whether you realize it or not, about 15 […]