How to Earn Positive Experience from Negative Feedback In E-commerce

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Customer feedback can help any business to improve its products and services to stay more competitive in the modern e-commerce market and widen the audience of its consumers. During the e-commerce development process, the business certainly gets a lot of positive and negative feedback.

And if the positive feedback shows that the consumers like the product so the business is on the right track, what can we get from the negative one? If you drill a little bit deeper, then you can find out that negative feedback can be even more useful for your commerce platform improvement.

In this article, we will analyze the benefits you can get from the negative feedback for your online store and show you some useful tips on how to see the upside of damaging feedback.

What Are the Main Advantages of Getting Negative Comments?

Don’t be confused if you have got some negative comments on your business regarding the product or service, as there are still some great lessons you can learn from them, and here is why:

Various Comments Can Boost the Brand’s Credibility

In fact, there is a strong correlation between bad reviews and the products’ trustworthiness. Shoppers used to think if all the comments are positive then they are unreliable or bought on the purpose to convince the potential buyers to make a purchase. Due to the recent commerce studies, 85% of the buyers find it suspicious when the brand is having only positive feedback for their products.

That is why even one negative comment can greatly increase the credibility rate of any brand.

Bad Comments Are the Irregular Part of the Feedback System

Among the other benefits of the bad comments of your e-commerce or the items sold we should also mention the ability for the brands to see the situation from the side of your client and find all the lack points connected with the service and goods. Furthermore, it allows the brand’s stores to determine the problematic labels or items and resolve the troubles related to them.

Concerning the mono-brand stores, bad comments can also become a great booster for finding the alternatives or the methods for the goods’ improvement.

Negative Comments Can Supply Some New Business Ideas

Instead of being puzzled by the thoughts of how to make your business optimization, why don’t just use the existing ideas offered by the store clients? In such a simple way you will not only find a great idea for product improvement but also use a wonderful chance to get some food for thoughts for the decision-makers as to the source of the new ideas.

For example, if the blankets offered at your online store have got some complaints due to a limited color palette, it is time to think over the people’s preferences and add some more alternatives or change the fabrics. This will not only extend your product line but also boost sales as the customers will be provided with alternative products.

Negative Feedback Can’t Always Represent the Total Customer’s Opinion

Everybody knows that even the top business corps can sometimes encounter the client’s dissatisfaction sometimes. You should also mind that no progress can be made without the mistakes, and any of them can be only detected via getting bad comments about your business, product line, or any item offered at your e-commerce platform.

For example, the popular global company Haribo has received not less than 500 adverse comments so far, though there was no fault from their side at all. The thing is that some consumers haven’t read the information about the product noted on the packaging about the recommended portion of the gummy bears per serve, otherwise the person can get digestive issues. That is why there is no surprise that the negative comments about the food safety were left only by those consumers who didn’t pay attention to this recommendation mentioned on the packaging.

The main message described in this situation is no matter what measures you take, there is always a possibility to encounter the customers’ dissatisfaction with your business. Thus, it is impossible to completely protect your e-commerce platform from damaging feedback, so the only measure you can take is to perform your job at a high rate, not more, and not less.


How to Deal with the Negative Feedback?

“If you make clients unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. But if you do that on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000.” Such brilliant words of Jeff Bezoz represents the main reason why it is necessary to note any of the problems of your consumers regarding your products or services.


And, as we have already pointed out before, it is impossible to avoid negative feedback when having a business. Besides, it is a really bad idea to hide all the bad reviews so as to get the customers’ loyalty.

So, the question appears: what can we do to save the situation after getting a bad review? Well, we have prepared the best tips which will definitely help you to resolve these issues.

Study the Problem & Offer a Solution

The very first step of resolving any situation that can greatly help you is to analyze the problem that occurred. It often happens that the product was damaged when being delivered or there was an occasional production defect. These cases may be resolved in different ways, for instance, you can always replace the item or provide a discount for the next purchase as an apology for the inconvenience. By encountering various problems you learn how to interact with the clients and get their loyalty.

Remember, that it is extremely essential to solving any problem, and at the same time provide your clients with pleasant, professional assistance and a customer-friendly attitude. Professionalism, a strong team, and an individual approach to clients are the main elements of commerce success.

Always Respond Professionally

Any comments on your customers’ feedback matters. That points that you should always follow the formal and respectful tone to all the customers, which will greatly help you in finding a common ground for the problem resolving. Nathan Mayfield, the Vice President of the ResNexus company, claims that some customers tend to peek for unsatisfactory comments to find out the worst that might happen. By responding effectively, your e-commerce platform shows the methods used for the issue-resolving and thus the client can set reasonable expectations.

To provide a professional-client service you can always ask the thesis writing service, which can write individual outlines for the common situations which might happen and how to resolve them. Also, it is a good idea to hire a reputation management team that will be in charge of the customers’ support and help you to detect all the issues and resolve them on a first-come basis.

Use the Bad Comments to Get Customers’ Loyalty

After receiving negative feedback on any aspect of your business, you can always get the benefit by finding a compromise with the client so as to show his value and your personal attitude to any issue. According to recent research written in the HBR article on how to turn the unsatisfied customers into loyal using the customer support service, shops that have an immediate response to the negative comments can efficiently retain their clients in comparison to those who contact them after some time. While contacting immediately, the consumer feels appreciated and leaves an opportunity for the contact service to resolve the situation.


For instance, a great example is a time of responding to tweets to airlines. If the response time for the complaints is 5 minutes or less, the clients are likely to pay $20 more for the ticket on that airline, while those complaints resolved in an hour may spend less than $3.

How to React to the Negative Feedback?

Finally, it is time to summarize the basis of a professional response to the customer.

Leave a Heartfelt Apology

By sending a sensitive message admitting your mistake, you can easily calm down your customers and show that their feedback will greatly help to improve the store for their convenience. In addition, this method is often used by marketers to please the clients and get their loyalty. 

Make It Different for Every Client

Also, try using personalized words for various official comments so as to make a good impression among the clients. No one likes the dry pattern language used for the standard response, that is why it is essential to pay attention to the certain details mentioned at every negative feedback. 

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