3 Tips to Help Your Affiliates Make MORE Money so They Can Sell More for YOU

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    March 30th, 2016
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Who is the most important person to your business? Is it yourself? Your customer?

What if we told you that the most important people are your AFFILIATES?

Your affiliates are the folks who have chosen your company as one that they will invest their time and effort promoting in return for monetary compensation. While this relationship may seem strictly business, the fact of the matter is that your affiliates depend on you — and you depend on your affiliates to dramatically improve your marketing efforts.

Now, you can guess that your affiliates are probably going to work better and harder for you if they’re earning more money, but on your end, you can see how this can lead to a slow leak in your profits. If all you see is the leak, you’re missing the point entirely.

Now, what if we told you that the more money your affiliates make, the more money YOU can make?

That’s right — we’re saying that more leaks and bigger leaks can actually be an indicator for a bigger flow of cash into your own pocket. That’s because when an affiliate is earning more money, it’s because they’re being more successful at promoting your product. This success is a direct correlation to how much product that’s getting pushed to your customers. The higher your affiliate’s commission checks, the bigger indication that they’re doing their job well.

Now that you’re paying other people to help sell and promote your product, it’s time to find out how to help them do their job better so that they can earn more money — which, in turn, means that YOU are making more money too!

Your affiliates are going to have an arsenal of tools that they use on their own in order to promote your product effectively. Think about it: Their income depends on it! But signing on affiliates isn’t a job where you just sit back and watch them work.

As the advertiser and, essentially, the leader, you stand to benefit the most from affiliates who are primed for success. When you work together with your affiliates to achieve the common goal (more sales), you can far exceed what either one of you could do on your own.

Affiliate programs are symbiotic relationships that can benefit both you and your affiliates.

By helping your affiliates make more money, you’re helping yourself as well. Here are three crucial tips to boosting their success (and yours as well):

1. Create Private Groups to Keep Your Affiliates in the Loop

Your affiliates are on a different playing field from your customers — and they should be treated as such. Instead of simply generating income for your business, they’re more like a coworker. They partake in the business, and they contribute to its success.

Respect and grow the relationship by creating private email lists and social media groups for your affiliates. In these groups, you can provide your affiliates with:

  • Exclusives
  • Pre-Launches
  • First to Know of New Programs

Your affiliates aren’t here to get spammed, but you can certainly provide them with useful and valuable information in the form of email subscriptions or mobile and other social notifications pertaining to your products.

Introducing a new product? Give your affiliates exclusive previews and access to pre-launches, as they may want to play a role in getting this new product up and running. When they’re given exclusive access to your new products, the relationship can strengthen, and you may find yourself using the same successful affiliates time and time again. Check out a snapshot of the closed group for the Digital Kickstart JVs on Facebook below: 


When your affiliates feel a stronger connection, they’re more likely to put in the time, effort, and dedication needed to producing the results you need while helping you to exceed your goals.

Actionable Step: If you haven’t, make sure to create a private Facebook group, exclusive affiliate email list, and other private groups on social networks to keep your affiliates in-the-know on all things related to your products and launches.

2. Provide Affiliates with the Tools They Need to Succeed

Your affiliates have their own setup that they use to promote products, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to provide them with anything else. As the advertiser, you contractually agree to work with a publisher. Then, provide the publisher with creative in the form of:

  • Links
  • Banner Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Unique phone numbers

Or anything else that could help your affiliates reach more users effectively. Then, your affiliates incorporate the creative into their website. They have the basics, but you’re providing them with the unique tools to sell your specific product.

Actionable Step: If you don’t have a creative designer, hire one. Make sure that all of your product launches have the creative to go along with them, and push that creative to your affiliates before your program is launched so they can help you make the most out of your launch.

3. Utilize Instantaneous Affiliate Payments

What are your affiliates here for in the first place? While they may benefit from the networking and other perks, their primary reason for linking up with you is to earn a paycheck. Plain and simple.

The old fashioned way of getting paid as an affiliate was through a drawn-out process wherein payments could take days or weeks to get into your account. Sure, it was nice when the money came in, but your affiliates didn’t feel the instant gratification of getting paid immediately when they had succeeded at the job.

If you want your affiliates to make you more money, they need to make more money — and they need to make it immediately when their marketing efforts are successful. When a customer purchases your product as a direct result of your affiliate, your affiliate should get paid when the ‘purchase’ button is pressed.

Pay Kickstart uses instant affiliate payments to capture this ‘instant gratification’. In turn, as your affiliates see their rewards for their hard work, they’re spurred on to work harder and see the reflecting results. The growth is quicker, and the efficacy of affiliate marketing is larger when payments are instantaneous.

Actionable Step: Get Pay Kickstart for instant affiliate payments. Your affiliates will thank you for it 🙂

Let’s Recap. Your affiliates can boost your marketing efforts exponentially, but there are some things you can do to help them make even more money (and help YOU make more money in return).

  1. Create private groups to keep affiliates in the loop.
  2. Provide affiliates with the tools they need to succeed.
  3. Utilize instant affiliate payment programs.

You tell us: What do you do to help your affiliates succeed?


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