Create Customer Audiences to Increase Customer Value with Personalized Ads

Let’s face it… Advertising is becoming more personalized and hyper-targeted than ever before. In order to have your marketing message resonate with your prospect or customer, you need to have the “right messaging” to the “right person” at the “right time”. This is why the Audience Builder from PayKickstart is so powerful. It allows business […]

What Hockey-Stick Growth Looks Like: Analysis of 600+ SaaS Businesses

After processing over 400M in sales and being in a unique position to look under the hood of 600+ SaaS businesses (who use PayKickstart), here’s what I learned separates those with hockey stick growth/scalability and those that just pitter along… First – I want to apologize as this is a bit of a RANT, but […]

Why Every SaaS Needs an Affiliate Program

Just about every company or business could benefit from an affiliate program. These programs allow you to expand your marketing resources without having to add staff or pay for ads. You can also turn your current customers and others into marketers, and ultimately product champions who advocate for and promote your goods and services. SaaS […]

5 Ways to Use Exit Popups to Increase Checkout Conversions

No matter what your niche or the kind of products you sell, it’s safe to say that increasing the number of people who complete a purchase is important to you. Exit popups, when used correctly, can help you make that happen. Like many lead generation devices out there, people have mixed feelings about them. Some […]

Supercharge Your SaaS Metrics and Analytics with our Profitwell Integration

While PayKickstart provides a wide variety of reporting, metrics and analytics – we realize that many online businesses want to dive into the nitty, gritty details. We realize that there are companies out there that focus solely on metrics and can deliver advanced reports for those who love numbers. It’s why we added a new […]

Leading Causes of Churn for SaaS Companies

SaaS is a unique business model that comes with a lot of benefits as well as challenges. The MRR or ARR gives you the ability to easily forecast revenue growth or contraction and there are natural opportunities for revenue expansion. On the downside, when a customer stops buying from you, it’s more concrete. SaaS churn […]

Set Up Recurring Payments in PayPal the Right Way

Setting up recurring payments in PayPal the right can help your business capture more business and retain more business too. Read on to find out how.

Seamlessly Integrate PayKickstart with Over 1500+ 3rd Party Apps Using Zapier

At PayKickstart, we offer more than 50 native integrations with 3rd party services and applications.  Unfortunately, with there being literally thousands of apps people use to help run their businesses, we simply cannot support native integrations with all of them. It’s the reason that we have partnered with Zapier.   Zapier is an online automation tool […]

Is Discounting a Good Thing? How to Effectively Discount a Product or Service

I’ve been shopping at ASOS for years. They send me an email for one deal or another at least once a week. I can’t lie, the emails get me to click through to the website and occasionally buy. ASOS gets more sales and repeat purchases from me but what about profitability? Discounting is a tricky […]

How to Boost Conversions by 30% with Auto-Address Complete

At PayKickstart, one thing we’ve discovered is that small features can go a long way towards increasing conversion rates and lowering shopping cart abandonment rates. For ecommerce stores and SaaS providers, conversion rates and shopping cart abandonment rates are very important. So if you can improve those metrics, you can improve your business prospects. Even […]