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What are Interchange Fees and How It Impacts Merchants

As you’re making money, you’re spending money (in some cases being charged fees). That’s what happens when you process credit ...
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Stripe Test Mode vs PayKickstart Test Mode

Online funnels are intricate creations that, when used properly, can make you a lot of money while building brand awareness ...
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What is Average Order Value and How it Impacts Your Bottom Line

Business is a numbers game. When you know your numbers, you’re in a better position to scale, acquire customers, and ...
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What is a Brand Ambassador + Building Your “Word of Mouth” Cult

There are countless ways to grow your brand but few are as effective as word of mouth from a trusted ...
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The Increasing Problem (and fix) of Customer Returns and Refunds

Returns and refunds are the bane of online businesses. Not only do you lose revenues, but you often have to ...
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The Pros and Cons How Offering a Payment Plan Impacts Sales

Should you offer a payment plan for your customers? Should you work with outside parties to offer payment plans? Some ...
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“Add to Cart” vs “Buy Now” vs “Order Now”, Which Is The Best?

What’s the big deal? They’re all phrases that pretty much mean the same thing – right? At first glance that’s ...
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Is Your Payment Gateway’s Fraud Protection Enough

Sadly, fraud is more than common these days. While most companies go to great lengths to protect consumers, and many ...
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What Makes the Best Affiliates​ for Promoting Your Products and Brand?​

Affiliate marketing has come a long way since its inception and when it was considered a scam by many. It’s ...
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