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Creating a Shopping Cart Abandonment Email: Your Tool to Recapture Customers

We, as consumers, are indecisive. While there might be plenty of reasons to make a purchase, there are always going ...
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Revenue Vs Profit, What’s the Difference?

Come a little closer. I have a secret to share. Many people don’t figure it out until they’ve been in ...
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9 Tactics for Email Automation to Increase Your ROI

There are fewer elements to running a business that are as important as managing your ROI. What you spend has ...
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How Does the Payment Processing Industry Work?

The payment processing industry powers the giant global online e-commerce market. In 2018, Statista estimated there were 1.8 billion global ...
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6 Tips for the Founder of a New SaaS Startup, From the Founder of a SaaS Startup

Software-as-a-Service, often built by SaaS startup founders, has been a massive trend for the last 20 years or so. As ...
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How to Create an Effective Payment Recover Strategy

When we think of generating revenue we tend to have some solid plans in place. Marketing, targeted ads, specials and ...
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How to Use Derivative Products to Repurpose Content and Create a New Offer

Digital marketers provide more content than they can effectively market. According to a 2017 report by Accenture (pdf), marketing leaders ...
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The Keys To Pricing Intelligently

Finding the right price for your products and services is essential. There are a lot of pricing methods you can ...
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How to Create a Credit Note for Tax Compliance

You’re almost certainly familiar with invoices. If you’ve ever paid any type of bill, be it for your phone, electricity, ...
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