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    Mark Thompson
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    March 28th, 2021
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“Even though my business is small, after 2 months of using the platform, I managed to increase my Avg. Customer Value from €24.90 to €58.36 in one month, just by using the order bumps and up-sells funnels. Now I can sell my digital planners even when I sleep because PayKickstart helps me to:

  1. safely accept payments anytime. I did not want to use an WordPress e-commerce checkout, because it is not optimized to increase sales. PayKickstart checkout page layout and form fields were designed with sales optimization in mind
  2. automatically capture the digital VAT – THIS is something you don’t usually find on other payment platforms and it is a must when selling digital goods.
  3. increase order value with order bumps and up-sells – I tried many platforms before, but PayKickstart does this so well. The back-end UX experience (especially when creating the funnels) could be slightly improved to be more intuitive, nevertheless the capability to create funnels within the same platform that capture payments is extremely useful.

Thank you PayKickstart team for both the product that you have created and the helpful customer support!”

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