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What Is PayKickstart?

PayKickstart is the fastest and easiest shopping cart & affiliate software for selling more products online. Zero Per-Transaction fees. Sell digital and physical products as one-time, recurring subscription, free/paid trials, split payments, and more. Built-in conversion boosters like 1-Click Upsells, subscription saver sequences, order bumps, coupon codes and more. Integrated affiliate management that features instant/delayed commissions, marketing materials, W9/W8 tax management and more!

Why You Should Promote the PayKickstart Launch

We have patiently waited for the right time to push PayKickstart mainstream – perfecting the platforms core functionality, adding USPs to separate itself from similar platforms, and testing multiple offers and price points to maximize conversion, EPCs and long-term stick rate.

During the launch, we are adding an additional 10% commissions from our evergreen affiliate program.

Earn 50% commissions on our $997.00 main offering (includes 1 year of PayKickstart). Plus, earn 40% recurring monthly commissions after their first year, for life.

You can also earn 40% recurring commissions on our normal plans.

  • Basic Plan: $29.00/mo
  • Professional Plan: $99.oo/mo
  • Premium Plan: $149.00/mo

Important Launch Dates

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July 26th: Pre-Launch Video #1 Goes Live

July 29th: Pre-Launch Video #2 Goes Live


August 1st: Main Sales Video #3 Goes Live (Cart Opens)

August 3rd: New Rules of Selling Online (Webinar Registration)

August 4th: New Rules of Selling Online (Webinar Replay)

August 5th: New Paypal API Integration Announcement

August 6th: Launch Hacks (Webinar)

August 7th: Launch Hacks (Webinar Replay)

August 9th: Final Day (Cart Closes)


August 10th: 30-Day Extended Free Trial

August 12th: Marketers Vault Goes Live

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Send July 26th (11:00am ET)

Subject: [3-Part Series] How to Sell More…

Subject: [Video #1] The Story… (plus Free Book)

Subject: Video 1 of 3 was JUST released… (go watch it now!)

Subject: Download the “Products that Sell” Book (instant download)

Subject: “How to Sell More Stuff” Free Video Series…

Subject: [Video 1 of 3] Secrets to Selling Online…

Subject: Are your sales just TRICKLING in…? (watch this video)

This new video series (don’t worry, it’s free) has just been released by Mark Thompson, a 10-year online marketer and Entrepreneur – who walks you through his top secrets that has learned over the past decade of selling online…[INSERT THUMBNAIL]

Watch the training series now. [INSERT LINK]

I just finished watching it myself – and WHOA – there were some golden nuggets in there.

What’s really cool is that he talks about some of those everyday struggles that the majority of people face when running an online business.

He also shows you…

- The 5 vital guidelines that you must always have if you’re selling ANYTHING online, no matter the niche.

- How to FIX 1 critical page on your site that can DOUBLE your sales overnight.

- How adding 1 extra element to your sales funnel can take a $30 sale and instantly turn it into $60.

- The Simple Upsell Funnel that Increased Profit by 3X and How Your Business can replicate it

- And also, a behind the scenes look at a software that he and his partner built for his own business from the ground up that has been solely responsible for TRIPLING his online business and changing the way entrepreneurs, like yourself, sell online.

Go and watch video 1 that was JUST released! [INSERT LINK]

To your success,[First Name]

P.S. He also is giving away a brand new book called “Products that Sell” (a $97 value, absolutely free) – just for joining is growing Facebook community of like-minded product sellers and marketers.

Watch the first training video + download the Products that Sell book. [INSERT LINK]

Send July 27th

Subject: Did you watch Video #1 yet?

Subject: Please tell me you watched it already…

Subject: Did you miss it? (go watch it now!)

Subject: Did you download the book yet?

Subject: “Products that Sell” book… (download it yet?)

Subject: [Firstname], did you download your free copy yet?

Hey [Firstname],

If you missed my first email yesterday, please pay attention now!

The new training video and book download that were just released will change your life.


It did for this Entrepreneur and loads of others who followed the same success path, hacks and automated system – so it’s up to you.

But step 1 is to go and watch this video. [INSERT LINK]

Just by changing 3 EASY things to his sales process (about 20 minutes of "work"), he tripled his business that year.

• No additional traffic to his sites.

• No changes to sales copy.

• Just 3 simple tweaks.

Mark Thompson, co-founder of Digital Kickstart and PayKickstart removes the “fluff” you’ve probably heard a thousand times, and gives you the no BS, no hype blueprint – so you don’t spend 2 years trying to “figure it out” like he did when he first got started.

A product to sell.

A way to drive traffic.

A platform to automate all of the technology we NEED to run our online businesses.

To your success,[First Name]

Send July 28th

Subject: Don’t fall behind… (re: 3-part video series)

Subject: It TRIPLED his online business – can it do the same for you?

Subject: Stop using duct tape…start using AUTOMATION

Hey [Firstname],

I wanted to make sure you don’t fall behind - and remind you that if you haven’t yet…

Go and watch video #1 [INSERT LINK]

Reason is, because tomorrow video #2 in the series will be released!

Inside video 1, you’ll learn:

- The 5 vital guidelines that you must always have if you’re selling ANYTHING online, no matter the niche.

- How to FIX 1 critical page on your site that can DOUBLE your sales overnight.

- How adding 1 extra element to your sales funnel can take a $30 sale and instantly turn it into $60.

- The Simple Upsell Funnel that Increased Profit by 3X and How Your Business can replicate it

- And also, a behind the scenes look at a software that he and his partner built for his own business from the ground up that has been solely responsible for TRIPLING his online business and changing the way entrepreneurs, like yourself, sell online.

Again – go and watch video #1 now before tomorrow. [INSERT LINK]

Now, while the first video probably resonated with A LOT of you – identify the pains and struggles we all first running our online businesses – the second video will show you 3 easy things to tweak in your business – to fixed those things, and put your business on the fast track to success.

…without driving MORE traffic to your sites.

…without changing sales copy or your funnels.

Instead of it taking 2 years to “figure it out” like it did for Mark, he’s going to lay it all out for you in his next video.

Again, make sure you watch the first video now, so you are up to speed once the second video is live. [INSERT LINK]

Keep a look out tomorrow, when I share a link to that next video in the series!

Talk soon,[First Name]

Send July 29th - Send at 11:00AM ET

Subject: [Video #2] 3 SIMPLE Tweaks to 3x your business…

Subject: How he TRIPLED his business… (without more traffic – video #2)

Subject: Only 3 ways to grow ANY business… (video 2 of 3)

Subject: How to Sell More, Training Series… (Video #2 Live)

Subject: The 2nd video is LIVE… (3 ways to grow ANY business)

Subject: The $121,000 Case Study…

Subject: Video 2 of 3 + Core Sales Funnel Download…

Subject: 3 Simple Tweaks + the Core Sales Funnel Blueprint…

Hey [Firstname],

Over the past few days, I’ve shared with you the 1st video in a 3-part training series that is going to show you how to flat-out SELL MORE.

If you missed the first video – go and watch it now. [VIDEO #1 LINK]

After you watch it, continue reading…

Because video #2 is now LIVE! [VIDEO #2 LINK]

In this video, Mark Thompson shares the only 3 ways to grow any business. He also will walk you through how…[+] He started using one-click upsells which instantly doubled the value of every new customer that came in "the door" (plus how you can do it too).[+] He doubled my checkout page conversions by adding ALL of the core elements that every checkout page needs. Double conversions meant double the sales.[+] He added $20k back into my pocket simply by changing ONE thing that saved him fee after fee when he’d make a sale – sound familiar?

He also walks through a real-life case study where he generated over $121,000 MORE revenue by combining the 3 things above!

Go and watch the 2nd video in this 3-part installment now.[VIDEO #2 LINK]

Along with this training video, Mark is also generously giving away his 3 Core Sales Funnel blueprints![ INSERT ECOVER GRAPHIC - or ]

These are the exact blueprint his Digital Kickstart team uses, that has contributed to over $20MM in online sales. Included are the…

• Digital / Info-Product Funnel

• Physical Funnel

• Coaching / Offline Funnel

You’ll also receive a step-by-step breakdown of each element that makes up each funnel – explaining why and how to maximize each step in your funnel.

Head over and watch the video and download the 3 Core Funnels now![VIDEO #2 LINK]

To your success,[First Name]

Send July 30th

Subject: Did you watch video #2 + download the 3 Core Funnels?

Subject: Did you miss the free “Core Funnels” download?

Subject: Reminder: Watch video 2…it’s important to your business!

Subject: Digital, Physical & Coaching Funnels… (did you download them?)

Yesterday, veteran marketer Mark Thompson released video 2 in his 3-part “How to Sell More” training series.

Didn’t see it yet? No worries, play a little catch up (it’s well worth it – and free)…

Watch Video #1 Here. [VIDEO #1 Link][INSERT VIDEO THUMBNAIL]

Watch Video #2 Here. [VIDEO #2 Link][INSERT VIDEO THUMBNAIL]

He spent 2 long years before he had his “AH HA” moment, which is why he is sharing this with you.

Skip the headaches, time and money – trying to “figure it out” and learn from his successes (and failures).

Inside video #2, he talks about the 3 ways to grow any business:

#1. Increase the # of customers you get (that is, get more traffic OR increase conversions on the initial sale).

#2. Increase how much your customers spend PER Purchase.

#3. Increase how OFTEN your customers make an additional purchase

Most people seem to focus on the first method. However, many times that’s the one that is the most difficult and costly.

See how and why focusing on the 2nd and 3rd ways can 3x your business – like it did for Mark.

Learn a simple checkout hack that highlights the 9 viral checkout elements your checkout page NEEDS, which is your MOST important page on your entire site.

It’s the reason, why on average, 46 out of 50 LEAVE without purchasing your product. But with this hack you can recoup twice as many customers instantly, without having to worry about driving more traffic.

This video applies to ANYONE who wants to have a thriving business online.

Go and watch video #2 now.[VIDEO #2 Link]

To your success,[First Name]

P.S. Don’t forget, Mark also tells you how you can download his 3 Core Funnels (Digital, Physical and Coaching), that his team has tweaked and perfected over the years.

Regardless of what niche or product/service you offer – one, two or all three of these funnels will be your blueprint to maximizing your average transaction value and revenue!

Send July 31th

Subject: “Sneak Peek” of the Main Event tomorrow…

Subject: Leaked: Sneak Peek at the Main Event… (download)

Subject: Reminder: Watch video 2…it’s important to your business!

Subject: Teaser just leaked about the 3rd and FINAL video…

Are you getting excited!?

Tomorrow, the founders of PayKickstart, Mark Thompson and Matt Callen will be releasing the 3rd and final video (aka: the main event).

They released a little bit of a “teaser” so you can get a sneak peek into what the 3rd training video is all about. Download it here: [Handout Download Link]

I also heard that during this last video they have a crazy opportunity to put ALL of this together – using PayKickstart, the backbone for your online business for an ENTIRE YEAR, for free.

After watching this 3rd video in the training series, you’ll have…

• A Product to Sell

• Traffic to your product

• A System to Double the Sales for Your Products

• A simple system to automate your buyer's experience

• A platform that does everything FOR you without taking fees every time you make a sale.

But you need to make sure you watch this last video to put it ALL together.

In the meantime, make sure you go watch the 1st and 2nd videos if you haven’t already so you are caught up for tomorrow.

Also download the “handout” sneak peek into the main event!

[Handout Download Link]

To your success,

[First Name]

Send Aug 1st - Send at 11:00AM ET

Subject: Video 3 of 3…How to Sell More, BIG EVENT!

Subject: PayKickstart is BORN! (Video #3)

Subject: [Video #3] Everything you need to Make Sales Online!

Subject: Big Event - Becoming a #SalesBoss (Video #3)

Subject: [Final Video] The Main Event – Sell More with PayKickstart

Today is the BIG day!

The day we stop settling for sales that are just trickling in and having our business not where we want it to be.

The day when we stop settling for overpriced and outdated shopping cart and affiliate management solutions.

By the end of this 3rd and final video, you’ll have:

- A Product to Sell

- Traffic to your product

- A System to Double the Sales for Your Products

- A simple system to automate your buyer's experience

- A way to connect to your customers and follow up with them for future sales

- A platform that does everything FOR you without taking fees every time you make a sale.


It’s crazy to think how much money, you, me, EVERYBODY has been leaving on the table.

Mark shows a simple way that with ONE CLICK, customer order values can jump from $30.00 to $60.00, $50.00 orders to $100.00.

One of my favorites – being able to have a customer checkout, DIRECT from your sales page – without ever leaving the page!

What about incentivizing your customers with a coupon code – creating urgency to an offer.

How about a way to monitor your sales, affiliates and revenue – all on the go! Being able to get mobile notifications for sales, commissions and affiliate requests. Direct to your iOS or Android device.

You gotta check this out.

This video ties EVERYTHING you’ve learned in this training series together, plus helps to AUTOMATE it – without any “techy” pieces to worry about.[INSERT VIDEO 3 LINK]

To your success,[First Name]

P.S. There is an upcoming live event that’s taking place on tomorrow, [DATE, TIME] where both Co-Founders of the PayKickstart platform will be doing a complete walkthrough + answering any of your questions.

Go and watch video 3 and be automatically signed up for the webinar!


Send Aug 2nd

Subject: PayKickstart Live Event (tomorrow: 2pm, 8pm EST)

Subject: RSVP: PayKickstart Live Event (two sessions)

Subject: re: PayKickstart event is LIVE tomorrow… (2pm, 8pm EST)

By now, you guys have probably see the 3-part video series on “How to Sell More”. If not, it’s free, up-to-date with how to run any type of business online.

Go and watch it now:

Watch Video #1:[Video #1 Thumbnail + Link]

Watch Video #2:[Video #2 Thumbnail + Link]

Watch Video #3:[Video #3 Thumbnail + Link]

Mark is also holding a live event that is so important, he will be presenting it LIVE, twice tomorrow – making it convenient for everyone.

Pick your time:

Aug 3rd – 2PM / 11AM PT

Aug 3rd – 8PM ET / 5 PM PT

When you go and watch the video #3, you can also signup for one of the sessions tomorrow.[Video #3 Link]

On this live event Mark is going to be showing you how you can…

• Sell Literally Any Product (Digital, Physical) in Minutes

• Create Beautiful Checkout Pages, Popup Widgets, Form Embeds

• Create 1-click Upsells with both Paypal + Credit Card

• Create Order Bumps in Seconds

• Create Coupon Codes with a Few Clicks

• Manage an Affiliate Program with Instant Commission Payments

• Provide Marketing Materials, Contests for Affiliate Partners

• Handle Affiliate Payouts with a Few Clicks

• Create Partner Contract Revenue Splits

• Monitor Reporting - Sales, Revenue, EPCs, Conversions

• Integrate with All of Your 3rd Party Email, Membership, Payment, Analytics, Fulfillment services.

• Access the Mobile App to Track EVERYTHING on the Go

• How to Handle Permissions/Access for your Team

…umm, so basically how to power your online business with pure automation and awesomeness 

I guarantee, if you attend this live event, it will change how you sell online forever!

It’s time to stop paying unnecessary per-transaction fees, that provide outdated functionality that is killing our conversion rates and revenue.

Ready to see the new rules of selling online?

Be on this call tomorrow (pick your session, 2PM or 8PM ET)[Video #3 Link]

To your success,[First Name]

Send Aug 3rd (Morning)

Subject: [Live Workshop] The New Rules of Selling Online... (40 sales automation hacks)

Subject: 40 Sales Hacks = the New Rules of Selling Online (free workshop)

Subject: [NEW] Using These 40 New Rules of Selling Online? (register here)

TODAY, my good friend and expert online marketer is going to sharing a brand new LIVE workshop called "The New Rules of Selling Online".

Two sessions available:

Today - 2PM ET or 8PM ET – register here [INSET LINK]

After 6+ years of selling software, information, coaching programs, memberships, physical goods and services - and after $20MM in sales - Mark and his team have learned A LOT (to say the least).

The way "we" as Entrepreneurs sell online has changed.

The way "we" as Entrepreneurs sell online has evolved.

Mark's going to break down 40 sales hacks that he has identified, that has either...

- Increased their Average Transaction Value (ATV) of each customer.

- Increase their Lifetime Transaction Value (LTV) of each customer.

- Decreased their Refunds, Disputes and Chargebacks

- Creating a Customer "Buying" Experience Like No Other

- Recoup Potentially Lost Revenue/Profits

- Minimize Employee Overhead (using Automation)

One thing I can guarantee, is that there are countless "profit leaks" in your current sales funnels.

You may not even realize many of them.

But they are COSTING you money.

For years, these leaks cost his company literally hundreds of thousands in lost revenue - until they not only patched them up, but fixed them ONCE AT FOR ALL.

Not only is Mark going to walk you through these 40 hacks...

But how you can implement the majority of them on auto-pilot and the rest take literally minutes to setup.

Ready to activate these 40 sales hacks into your own online business?

The information in this training is so important, Mark decided to do it twice!

Go ahead and register for this live workshop (today, 2pm and 8pm ET). [INSERT LINK]

To your success,[NAME]

"The New Rules of Selling Online" is happening whether you choose to ignore them or not. I'm hoping you are smart enough to recognize the latter, and that the longer you wait to implement these 40 hacks the longer you continue to waste profits and potential revenue.

Sign-up for the LIVE workshop here.

Send Aug 4th

Subject: [REPLAY] Selling Hacks Workshop...

Subject: New Rules of Selling Online (w/ Timestamp Summary)

Subject: Replay is Now Posted! (40 Sales Hacks)

After seeing everyone’s reactions and comments to the "New Rules to Selling Online" workshop - I think my special guest opened A LOT of people's eyes!

If you missed the workshop, it recorded (whew!) and you can watch it on-demand right now ==> LINK

I'm not gonna lie, my guest covered a lot.

But lucky for you guys, Mark shows you how you can automate it all.

Here is a breakdown of the 40 Hacks we discussed...

1:03 - Summary of Free Gifts

8:54 - Checkout Templates, Form Embeds, Popups

17:32 - 1-Click Upsells

21:05 - Pre-Filled Checkout Pages

22:18 - Auto-Complete Address

23:32 - Order Bumps

25:52 - Exit Intent

26:50 - Legal/TOS Checkbox

29:24 - Integrations (Payment, Membership, Email, Fufillment etc)

34:43 - Digital Downloads

36:04 - Licensing Engine

37:22 - Coupon Code

39:51 - Subscription Saver

41:42 - Update Billing Details

43:19 - Pending Order

44:42 - Offline Orders

47:45 - Instant/Delayed Commissions

47:21 - Lifetime Commissions

51:41 - Marketplace

52:26 - Built-in Marketing Materials

53:20 - Affiliate Contests

54:43 - Bonus Delivery

56:04 - Lead Tracking

59:55 - Currency, Translation

62:04 - Split-Pay

62:46 - Free & Paid Trials

63:38 - Invoicing

64:42 - Partner Contracts

66:29 - User Management

67:40 - Link Tracking, Retargeting

69:07 - Mobile App

71:51 - Demographics

73:40 - Surveys

75:28 - Audience Builder

76:04 - Uptime Monitoring

78:53 - Special "Diamond Plan" Deal

Mark explains each of these hacks - including how they impact your business (it's helped him add 2 zero's to his annual revenue!)

Learn the "New Rules of Selling Online" by watching the replay.

To your success,


P.S. Mark has also put together a limited offer, where you can grab an entire year of PayKickstart (the platform that automates all of these 40 hacks), PLUS loads of bonus training and software to help you put your online business on steroids.

This deal will expire VERY SOON - so make sure you go and watch the replay now and jump on his "Diamond" offer now.

Send Aug 5th - 11:00AM ET

Subject: The PITFALLS of using Paypal to process orders…

Subject: Major Breakthrough – New Paypal Integration!

Subject: Are you using the NEW Paypal Integration?

Subject: PayKickstart is the FIRST shopping cart to have this Paypal integration!

Hey [Firstname],

This is crazy!

The cat is obviously out of the bag at this point…PayKickstart is simply, amazing.

But how amazing is this…?

PayKickstart is the FIRST shopping cart to offer the power and flexibility of a new private-beta Paypal Integration!

Regardless of what shopping cart you are using – I guarantee you don’t have this new integration that is changing the game for accepting Paypal payments.

Watch this video and a side-by-side comparison [INSERT LINK]

For years, accepting Paypal has been a major headache (to say the least).

An outdated, archaic checkout experience. Random checkout errors. Limited functionality and customizations. Deprecated API with little support.

Well that has ALL changed!

The good news is, this works for anyone selling online who has a normal Paypal account.

BUT, the catch is…currently PayKickstart is the only shopping cart to offer the new enhanced Paypal integration.

I’m taking about…

• A brand-new checkout experience

• 1-click upsells (without the need of a Braintree account)

• Seamless Upgrade/Downgrade of subscriptions

• No subscription limitations

• Vendor branding on subscription approval

• Instant commission delivery to affiliates

• …the list goes on.

If you are accepting Paypal payments (or want to), you NEED to be using this new Paypal integration.

It takes literally seconds to connect PayKickstart with your Paypal account and start utilizing all of these amazing new features – boosting conversions and increasing the customer’s checkout experience!

Learn more about this game-changing integration [INSERT LINK]

To your success,


P.S. The co-founder of PayKickstart is holding another new, live training, tomorrow (Aug 6th at 2PM and 8PM ET). After you checkout the new Paypal integration, make sure you register so you can see not only this new integration but how PayKickstart can help create your first 6-figure product launch. [LINK]

Send Aug 6th (Morning)

Subject: Rinse & Repeat 6-figure blueprint…Live TODAY!

Subject: [New Training] Your FIRST 6-figure product launch?

Subject: can I help you launch your product? (Today – 2PM & 8 PM ET)

What if creating a "Rinse and Repeat" 6-Figure product launch was easy? And not just one niche, but for ANY type of product (digital, physical, coaching, etc).

Well - it can be!

Today, the co-founder of PayKickstart, who is considered a “master” of the product launch – running dozens of 6-figure product launches – will be sharing his exact launch blueprint…

Register for an upcoming session (Today, 2PM or 8PM ET) [INSERT LINK][INSERT]

You see, Mark has tweaked and refined a blueprint that works for any niche, and helps Kickstart any Online Business in less than 30 days.

It’s crazy to think, but mastering this framework gives you the power to print money on demand.

Here's a sneak peak of what’s going to be covered LIVE...[+] You'll learn the 3 Step Formula for Crafting a Product, Proven to Sell like Gangbusters Right Out of the Gate[+] You'll learn How to DOUBLE your Profit from Every Person Who Visits Your Website (from any kind of traffic… paid, free,

FB traffic - Doesn’t Matter!)[+] You'll learn How to Flood Your Sales Funnel with Targeted Free Buyers that Convert

This is a one-time event so make sure you register now![INSERT LINK]

To your success,


P.S. - Show up LIVE on the webinar, and he’s also going to also GIVE you his 3 core funnel blueprints (with walkthrough video training) - the exact sales funnels to sell ANYTHING - digital, physical, coaching - it doesn't matter.

P.P.S What’s cool about these is that they work for any type of market and any type of website!

Reserve your seat here and see you on the call! [INSERT LINK]

Send Aug 7th

Subject: Watch yesterday’s replay + download the 3 core funnels

Subject: 6-figure launch blueprint + Get PayKickstart for 1 YEAR

Subject: (Replay) they were SHOCKED

Wow - I love getting messages like this... I got these during the live training yesterday:

"WHAT THE...? This has EVERYTHING I need!”

“Insane! I didn't realize how much money I’ve been leaving on the table. Not anymore!”

“Wow, so simple, yet so powerful!“

Bottom-line... Mark rocked this webclass! And those who attended were able to walk away and immediately implement action steps.

If you missed the webclass, (or have questions or would like to see it again) - we just posted the replay here:[INSERT LINK]

(but it's coming down SOON - so if you wanted to watch it, then NOW is the time).

Yesterday’s call was just too insightful for me not to share it again.

Here's a sneak peak...[+] You'll learn the 3 Step Formula for Crafting a Product, Proven to Sell like Gangbusters Right Out of the Gate[+] You'll learn How to DOUBLE your Profit from Every Person Who Visits Your Website (from any kind of traffic… paid, free,

FB traffic - Doesn’t Matter!)[+] You'll learn How to Flood Your Sales Funnel and Launch with Targeted Free Buyers that Convert[+] You'll get a first glance LIVE Demo of an app that left our students saying things like... "This has EVERYTHING".

Oh it goes on... but I'll let you see for yourself!

Also, I wanted to send you the signup link for "Launch Madness" ASAP in case you missed it on the webinar. Here it is again:

Get The Launch Madness system here![INSERT LINK]

It’s literally $7,431 worth of value…

• PayKickstart Professional ($99.00/mo)

• Free Premium Upgrade ($49.00/mo)

• Seller Kickstart Training Workshop ($1,497.00 value)

• Traffic Spy software ($297.00 value)

• Traffic Backdoor Training program ($297.00 value)

• Lifetime License to the BoxCar Live Chat app to be used on an unlimited number of sites. ($297.00/mo value)

Remember, when you invest in Launch Madness right now, you get 12 months of PayKickstart + Premium Upgrade, Funnel Spy, Traffic Spy, and so much more FREE...

Ok - I've got to go jump in with Mark and finish answering all of the questions that are pouring in.

Go check out the replay now.[INSERT LINK]

To your success,


Send Aug 8th

Subject: 2 Days Only “Marketers Vault” packages….

Subject: 1st come, 1st serve…only available for 2 DAYS!

Subject: Only 500 were printed… (request yours)

Subject: He is giving away $1,561 away like an IDIOT…

Subject: Millionaire Entrepreneur giving away his “marketers vault”…

Subject: What an IDIOT…

Subject: He is losing $312,200 for YOUR benefit…

Entrepreneur and PayKickstart co-founder, Mark Thompson, is doing something that has his staff saying… “YOU’RE AN IDIOT!”

Instead of selling (and generating) $312,200 worth of profit…

He is giving away ALL 500 copies of his new Marketer’s Vault Startup Kit – at a 95% discount.[INSERT LINK] [INSERT ECOVER BUNDLE]

It’s the blueprint and result of almost a decade of selling over $20MM in products online.

With a real value of $1,561.00, he is madly giving away:[+] The Research Machine: How to Find Buyer-Hungry Niches FULL of Raving Fans Who Are DYING to Give You Their Money ($297.00 value)[+] The Profit Machine: The FAST, FULL-PROOF Steps to Creating and Profiting From Digital Products Within a Week ($297.00 value)[+] The Launch Code: The Exact Step-By-Step Behind-The-Scenes Formula For The Web’s BIGGEST And Most PROFITABLE Launches EVER ($197.00 value)[+] The Funnel Code (BONUS): The Three SECRET Copy/Past Funnels That Work for ANY Niche or Product. ($197.00 value)[+] 30-Days Free of PayKickstart (BONUS): Hit The Ground Running With The Most Powerful Shopping Cart & Affiliate Management Solution in The World. ($197.00 value)[+] FunnelSpy Access (BONUS): The Ultimate UNFAIR Advantage to Ethically SPYING on Websites by “Reverse Engineering” The Most Profitable Funnels…With The Click of a Button. ($177.00 value)[+] Funnel X-Ray Roundup (BONUS): A Detailed Behind-The-Scenes Walkthrough of All of Our Best-Performing Launch Funnels. ($197.00 value)

…crazy value, right?

So here is the deal…

So you need to go right NOW and request your copy at this massive discount before this deal expires tomorrow night. [INSERT LINK]

Given the limited discount - he requested only serious marketers and Entrepreneurs who are ready to create a thriving and profitable business online – grab a copy.

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