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Hey Mark Thompson here, co-founder of Pay Kickstart.  I’ve been successfully launching and marketing products online for nearly a decade. During that time I’ve racked up over $14 MILLION in sales.

Today, I’m going to take $312,200 and just give it away to my students and other marketing friends, like you …for a whopping 99% discount.  Let me explain...

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Why only two hundred people? Well, I'm all for giving back to my fellow Entrepreneurs who want to creating a thriving online business, but I couldn't continue doing this (without going belly-up).

In fact, when I announced this promotion to my staff, one of my team members blurted out, “you’re an idiot!”

Well, it looks like my idiocy is your gain.

But, there is a method behind my madness. Even though I’ll be losing a crazy amount of money in the short term with this special, I’ll hopefully be gaining so much more value in the long run when you become another one of our “success stories”.

In a minute, I’ll fill you in on exactly what I mean by that…

First, let me tell you what you’re going to get RIGHT NOW when you decide
to take advantage of this never-before-seen life-changing giveaway.

Everybody wants to go out and catch some fish, but very few people understand how to pick the best bait and dangle it in the right places. When it comes to running a successful launch (or any kind of business for that matter) you have to start at ground zero – and that’s the research phase. Throughout my decade as an online entrepreneur I’ve seen people fail over and over again, and you know the number one reason why?

It’s not because they have bad ideas or stupid products.

It isn’t because they’re not driving traffic.

The reason they fail is because they blindly followed their gut.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not “follow my gut” and fail… I’d rather KNOW something has a huge chance to work before I ever do it. I want to know – without a shadow of a doubt – that, when I turn on the faucet, water is going to come out. Well, this FREE hard-copy book is going give you the secret research “cheat codes” to make sure you never play the guessing game again.

It’s quite simple really…

Find the market (i.e. problem).
Provide the solution (i.e. product).

However, you need to know what flags to look for and the best way of doing it NO MATTER what niche you’re researching.

You’re going to learn…

  • The #1 type of niche you should never EVER choose to join (even if you see others getting great results from it …unless you want to fail horribly).
  • How to pick the right “sandbox” to play in.
  • How to avoid the number one way millions of businesses die right out of the gate.
  • Why copying the tactics of FBI profilers is the secret to finding the perfect audience.
  • How to recognize market changes BEFORE they happen (people will think you have a crystal ball).
  • How to beat all of your competitors to market by meeting audience demands FIRST (they’ll be standing on the sidelines wondering how the heck you “one-upped” them).
  • How to feed a crowd what they’re already desperately starving for but don’t know yet how to feed the hunger… You Will Show Them! 😉
  • How to drop-in and spy on your competitors like a ninja in the night.
  • How to cut through the noise (no more getting overwhelmed by all the data – know what to research and why, keeping it simple and streamlined).
  • The crazy simple FIVE SECOND TRICK to determining if your audience is large enough to be profitable
  • The “magic number” of search results… Yes, there is a threshold to be cautious of
  • The PERFECT NUMBER of competitors every successful niche should have (and why having MORE or LESS could absolutely CRIPPLE your business).
  • Advanced Google Trends research techniques you have NEVER heard of before, and that will reveal whether or not your niche will be profitable 3-5 years down the road

The best part is that this book contains the ULTIMATE worksheet to creating an in-depth Customer Avatar (profile).

This will determine – once and for all – whether or not your idea is a “pass” or “fail” with this PROVEN test.

No more “gut feelings” or “instinct”. This test will take all the guess work out and TELL YOU about your customer avatar, including…

You’ll know more about your audience than they know about themselves.

Yes! Send Me My “Marketer’s Vault” Startup Kit worth $1,561.00 NOW (before you miss out!) + All of the Fast Action Bonuses

There are thousands of people out there RIGHT NOW with amazing ideas who will never, ever launch their projects. They’ll keep telling themselves they have to do some more research, or wait until they have some more money, or make sure the stars are aligned or the ghost of Steve Jobs appears to them in a vision and gives them the green light.

We have launched 10 new products this year alone, as well as re-launching several others.


Because we know what it takes to do the research, get the product idea, and follow our Strategic Launch Formula plan knowing that it’s going to be a successful ROI.

And now, you can too.

This book – which will soon in your inbox for FREE when you take action NOW – is everything we know about getting a product built and out the door for outstanding profits in just a week. This exact formula has proven to deliver 6 and even 7-figures within a week (results not typical) – but leverage even a fraction of this blueprint, will catapult your upcoming product launch to results you never thought possible.

Do these excuses sound familiar?

  • I don’t’ know what kind of products to create
  • It seems like such a huge job
  • I don’t have the technical skills to create my own product
  • Even if I had an idea, where would I even begin?
  • I don’t want to go to all the work to create something just to find out nobody wants it

If you’ve used any of these “excuses” in the past… don’t worry – it’s not your fault! I did the same thing. Now… I’ll share with you my formula so these excuses will never be heard again!

  • “You need to spend months or even years crafting the perfect high-selling product” – Yeah right! Then why do we (and our students) churn out products in a month and make 6-7 figures a year?
  • “You need to have at least $5,000 marketing budget” – Wrong, wrong, WRONG – we’ll show you how you can get hundreds and thousands of other people with HUGE lists to promote your product FOR YOU, while you sit back, relax, and watch the money roll in.
  • “You have to be a complete expert with specialized knowledge” - Do you really think that – out of the hundreds of products my students and I have launched – we’re “total experts” in all of them? If you were supposed to be an expert in everything you launched, you’d only launch one or two things EVER.

"We bust all the myths of product creation, even the things the big “gurus” always tell you about."

Stuff like…

  • How to be 95% certain your product will succeed (your friends, family, and competitors will think you’re some kind of psychic)
  • How to get your audience to fall over themselves to tell you their deepest, darkest desires (so you can give them EXACTLY what they already want) with one dead-simple copy/paste email template.
  • Our never-before-released “6-2-6 Formula”, which shows you six simple ways you can easily create six-figure products that sell like ice-cold water to a parched desert nomad.
  • One “must see it to believe it” Jedi mind trick that will make people believe anything you say.
  • How to turn a stupid-simple 30 minutes of “work” into an income-replacing product.
  • Our insanely secretive “$1 solution” for product creation outsourcing.
  • How we take OTHER PEOPLE’S products, re-package them, and sell them at a profit with ZERO work, 100% ethically
  • Make thousands of dollars selling original, high-end software products, without paying anybody to build software, without coming up with any ideas, and without being technical in any way (we do it all the time).

Getting excited yet? Me too, let’s keep going…

Have you ever heard success stories about how some product launch grossed millions of dollars in some ridiculously short amount of time? Like 5 days?

If so, have you ever wondered how these guys do it?

Usually when master product launchers decide to release some sort of “tell all”, they do it with a hefty price tag attached (heck, I’ve seen people release in-depth successful product release case studies for thousands of dollars). Not today my lucky friend. In this exciting book, we’re going to break down six of the largest and most successful product launches in the past year.

How would you like to get an exclusive backstage pass to it – I’m talking over-the-shoulder, hold-you-by-the-hand access?

Case studies like…

  • A single $10 fitness product that sold $475,000 in just FIVE days.
  • A simple training package that generated $8 MILLION in a matter of weeks.
  • A “low-quality” 7-minute video that CRUSHED it with $1,330,779 sales in only SIX DAYS.
  • My buddy who made $3,500,000 in just 14 days.
  • A 7-day limited time product launch that drove over $470,000 in sales.
  • A FREE book that generated $887,175. WHAT?!

You know how you REALLY get successful in this game? You look at what other people are doing and you emulate their processes.

Well, this is your opportunity to get out the tracing paper and see the exact “launch sequence” the Internet’s biggest multi-millionaires use, that generates them predictable income in just days, like clockwork.

This book isn’t just case-studies, it’s a blueprint for success.   Your own personal “launch code”.

  • Increase your audience base by a factor of 5x, 10x, or more…
  • Construct your launch in a way that makes affiliates drool over your offer (in fact, they’ll be fighting each other to promote your product and sell the most).
  • Discover the one phase most people skip, but that can set the stage for a guaranteed successful launch (HINT: it’s not the launch phase).
  • To make sure your launch is highly successful, you must treat this ONE PERSON like royalty.
  • Learn about the super-secret “magic number” of days you should leave your cart open for one-time offers
  • The no-fail six, seven, and eight figure product launch timeline.
  • 12 highly guarded industry tips, tricks, and best practices only the highest earners know (until now).
  • My silly stupid TWEAK, PROVEN to increase sales by a 35%!
  • Did you know the first 48-hours and last 24hrs can count for 80% of all your sales? I’ll teach you how to make it work for you.

You are probably thinking right now…

Yes! Send Me My “Marketer’s Vault” Startup Kit worth $1,561.00 NOW (before you miss out!) + All of the Fast Action Bonuses

Wait a Second – Why Am I Giving All This Away…for a 99% discount?


Remember earlier when I told you that there was a method to all this madness?

Well, it all comes down to the “catch”.

I know…I know… I’m supposed to say, “Catch? …there IS no catch!”

Look, I don’t want to lie to you and I don’t want to insult your intelligence.

The fact of the matter is OF COURSE there’s a catch (actually a few catches – and they’re awesome for you).

I Want Your Success
to Make Me TONS of Money This Year

The thing about offering REAL value to people is that it tends to come back ten-fold, especially when they tell other people about you.

So, if you’re okay with it, I’d like to ask you a little favor. When you get your Marketer’s Vault Startup Kit on your virtual doorstep instantly, and you find that it provided you with value, can you send me an email at support@paykickstart.com and tell me how it helped you?

And – also – feel free to blab about the material to all your friends.

Even if you get all this stuff, never buy any of my products, and go on to make a million dollars, a simple “thank you” note will be MORE than worth to me.

Over the years I’ve found out something pretty crazy…if I give people a bunch of free, incredibly valuable stuff,
they tend to like me more and (oddly enough) want to continue buying more training or products down the road.

It’s true.

And look, “bribing” has worked really well for a lot of people for a LONG TIME so I figure I shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel. What works, works.

I want you to know about us. I want you to see the value we offer. And, if that takes LOSING several thousand dollars just to gain a few new LIFE-LONG customers using out online tools, and also help 500 people out in the process, I’m all for it!
At least this way I can offer REAL value and get some actual customers back in return.

Sound fair to you?

I Have An Evil Plan to Create a Ruthless, Raving Army… And I Want You to Join

The last – and probably BIGGEST – catch is that I hope this shameless “bribe” converts you into a loyal follower of my new “Online Marketers Army.”

I’ll explain…

You see, I have a goal to create a brand-new generation of hungry, hard-working online entrepreneurs who are going to KILL IT in 2019.

My hope is that this Marketer’s Vault Startup Kit inspires you to become part of that army – to finally get off your butt, launch a product, and start making BIG BUCKS this year.

I want you so devoted to this cause that you quit your day job, replace your income, better your life, travel the world, and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Look, I know that’s a hard decision - to leave your “civilian” life of 9-to-5 comfort and paycheck-to-paycheck living.
But, if you’re willing to give up that life for one where you’re 100% in control, make your own rules, decide your own hours, and make more money doing it, then I WANT YOU IN MY ONLINE MARKETERS ARMY.

Get Instant Access Today for $197 ONLY $14.95!

Yes! Send Me My “Marketer’s Vault” Startup Kit worth $1,561.00 NOW (before you miss out!) + All of the Fast Action Bonuses

Still With Me?
Good – Because There’s More!

We’re not done yet guys and gals… Along with The Research Machine, The Profit Machine, and The Launch Code, I’m also going to send you…

These breakthrough, highly-detailed mind-maps provide you with 3 of the most important, core sales funnels that work for ANY business or product type, including…

  • Physical products
  • Online stores
  • Online events
  • Digital products
  • Coaching programs
  • Books
  • Informational products
  • Live events
  • …and more

(Only $199 a month for the Growth Plan after the first 30 days – Cancel Anytime)

Hit The Ground Running With The Most Powerful Shopping Cart & Affiliate Management Solution in The World

After going through the Marketer’s Vault kit, you will be off running with your product, ready for launch. But how do you plan to SELL it?

This is where our PayKickstart platform will come into play. And you will get FULL INSTANT ACCESS FREE for the first 30 days. You’ll be able to take everything you learn in the Marketer’s Vault Startup Kit and apply it IMMEDIATELY for fast profits.

How will PayKickstart help you make more money online?

  • 0% transaction fees (zero fees per sale).

    You keep what you sell!  We won’t take a dime of each sale like many other shopping carts.

  • TRUE 1-click upsells for credit card AND PayPal

    (once they buy your primary product, every single “one time offer” upsell after that is just a single click, this is PROVEN to improve profits by 75%!

  • Start selling a membership product and make money each month from your customers by only having to “sell” to them once).

  • DOUBLE your sales with our customizable checkout pages.

  • Build an army of affiliates wanting to promote YOUR product, and easily manage their instant payouts right inside of PayKickstart.

  • ….TONS more (everything you could possibly need to sell your product to the MASSES!)

The Ultimate UNFAIR Advantage to Ethically SPYING on Websites by “Reverse Engineering” The Most Profitable Funnels…With The Click of a Button

Imagine being able to look at the biggest, most anticipated, most profitable launches on the Internet and STEALING their entire blueprint by literally pushing a button that deconstructs their entire funnel from A-to-Z?

Oh yeah – and it’s perfectly legal and ethical.

Well, now you can with Funnel Spy – an advanced software that lets you get an intimate view of anybody’s funnel blueprint, so you can use it for your own launches.

This software gives you sort of “marketing X-ray vision”, allowing you to…

  • Look behind the scenes of any sales funnel – Reveal their complete sales funnel with one click, including upsells, downsells, and one-time offers WIHOUT having to purchase their product.

  • Deep Competitor Research – Get juicy competitor research like product offerings, unique selling proposition, price points, design, layout, and more.

  • Uncover your competitors’ lead generation sequences – Want to know where lead generation pages lead to? One click uncovers everything from the thank-you page to the follow-up sequence (including their monetization strategy).


  • Peel back the webinar veil – Do you ever see big names flash across your Facebook timeline with webinar registration ads? Now’s your chance to do some dirty digging by exposing their complete webinar funnel, including any thank-you pages, replay pages, encore pages, follow-up sequences… as well as their ENTIRE monetization strategy.

A Detailed Behind-The-Scenes Walkthrough of All of Our Best-Performing Launch Funnels

As I mentioned before, I have launched nearly a hundred products since being online.

But, some launches stand out from others. In fact, some launches go down in history as the best we’ve ever had.
And, in this very special, once-in-a-lifetime bonus, I’m going to give you access to something that only the most privileged customers have seen up to this point.

I’m going to give you full over-the-shoulder digital access to our internal funnel breakdowns for our 9 most profitable launches.

Okay – Let’s Recap Everything You’re Getting Today…

The “Marketer’s Vault Startup Kit” sent STRAIGHT to your inbox (for a massive 99% discount), which includes…

$297 Value

  • The Research Machine

    How to Find Buyer-Hungry Niches Full of Raving Fans Who Are Dying to Give You Their Money

$297 Value

  • The Profit Machine

    The Fast, Full-proof Steps to Creating and Profiting From Digital Products Within a Week

$197 Value

  • The Launch Code

    The Exact Step-by-Step Behind-The-Scenes Formula For The Web’s Biggest And Most Profitable Launches EVER

$197 Value

  • The Funnel Code

    The Three Secret Copy/Paste Funnels That Work for Any Niche or Product

And, while you’re waiting for this value-packed delivery to show up on your front steps, you’ll also receive instant online access to the following…

$199 Value

  • 30 FREE Days-Access to PayKickstart Growth Plan

    (and only $199 a month after that – cancel anytime)

$177 Value

  • Lifetime Access to Funnel Spy

    The Ultimate Unfair Advantage to Ethically Spying on Websites by “Reverse Engineering” The Most Profitable Funnels…With The Click of  a Button

$197 Value

  • Instant access to Funnel X-Ray Roundup

    A detailed Behind-The-Scenes Illustration of My Personally Best-Performing Funnels Ever

Total Value: $1,561

Get Instant Access Today for $197 ONLY $14.95!

Yes! Send Me My “Marketer’s Vault” Startup Kit worth $1,561.00 NOW (before you miss out!) + All of the Fast Action Bonuses


Yes – It’s true. We have only 200 copies in stock of the “Marketer’s Vault Startup Kit”… After that you’re OUT OF LUCK.

This is your ONLY opportunity.

If you’re seeing this page, it means you’re one of the few lucky ones because the offer still stands.

But, realistically, I cannot guarantee that it will be available even one minute from now. So, ask yourself this very important question…

How Serious Are You REALLY?

Listen, I told you before that I’m trying to build a raving army of successful online entrepreneurs. If your intention is to get this stuff at a massive discount, dump it on your digital bookshelf where it collects virtual dust and cobwebs – I’m begging you PLEASE - walk away from this offer RIGHT NOW.

Because I don’t want someone else who IS serious to miss out on using this priceless information simply because there were no more copies left.

Now – if you’re still reading this and you’re saying to yourself, “Yes, I’m serious – I’m ready to start making more sales online” then you’re exactly the right person to take advantage of this offer.

But you have to hurry – as in RIGHT NOW.

You don't have an extra second to overthink this.  If you do not click the button below, someone else will and this entire offer will be over before you can blink.

Get Instant Access Today for $197 ONLY $14.95!

Yes! Send Me My “Marketer’s Vault” Startup Kit worth $1,561.00 NOW (before you miss out!) + All of the Fast Action Bonuses