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Advanced Features

More features to take your business to the next level.

Partner Contracts

Did you partner with someone on a product?  Create a partner contract to automatically handle the revenue sharing per your agreement.  Never worry about manually calculating partner splits or who owes what to whom.

User Management / Permissions

It's hard running a business by yourself.  Which is why we built in advanced permissions and user management.  Invite your employees, contractors and partners to be able to access certain campaigns and data - based on their role with your company.

Transaction Event Logs

Monitor in real-time every "event" that takes place in the background for each transaction.  Be notified if events like Email Integrations, Membership Integrations, IPN, etc..fail and why.

Audience Builder

Be able to slice and dice your customer data how you see fit - being able to segment your customers by the products they purchased from you, the number of products they bought, and against any of the demographic insights we've gathered.

Take those audience segments and create custom audiences that you can serve ads to inside Facebook.


Build out an entire demographic profile about each of your customers - including their age, location, sex, language, likes, interests, occupation, social profiles, browser and OS information, and purchases by month, day and time.

Offline Orders

Need to take an order in person or over the phone?  No problem.  Head over to the Manual Transactions area and enter the customer and billing details to process their order.

Licensing System

Need to secure a piece of software or application?  Use our built-in licensing system to issue unique license keys to each of your customers.  Easily create , remove access and manage license keys for each of your customers.


Want more insights into your customers?  Create and schedule an automated survey to go out after a specific customer action - a sale, a refund, a subscription cancellation, or custom criteria you set.

Uptime Monitoring

Websites go down.  Unfortunately its a part of running a business online.  Lets minimize your downtime with our Uptime Monitoring.  As soon as your website goes down, we send you an email notification to let you know - so you can get your site back up, making sales again.

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