What You're Going to Get

  • 12 Months Access to PayKickstart Professional ($1,188 Value)

    Gain complete access to the PayKickstart platform to sell more of your products with zero fees when you make a sale.

  • 12 Months of Premium Upgrade Access ($588 Value)

    Full Access to ALL Premium Upgrades, including Demographics, Audience Builder, Automated Survey Builder, Buyer Profiles, Uptime Monitoring, and more…

  • Funnel Spy Software ($197 Value)

    Spy on Top Competitors, Reverse Engineer Sales Funnels, Webinar Funnels, Optin Funnels, Ecommerce Funnels, Coaching Funnels, Book Funnels, and more…

  • Boxcar Live Chat Application: Lifetime Access ($1,997 Value)

    A lifetime license of our popular BoxCar live chat application. Now you can have 1-on-1 conversions, perfect for sky-rocketing conversions, sales and providing superior customer support.

  • Traffic Spy Software Access ($297 Value)

    Instantly uncover, analyze, and siphon hot content and hidden traffic goldmines from the most popular sites on the web, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

  • Traffic Backdoor Full Access Training ($497 Value)

    Instant access to 8 unique methods use to generate an avalanche of instant traffic. No more waiting weeks, months or years, I’m talking about traffic in hours or days!

  • Launch Madness Master Class ($1,497 Value)


    Receive complete access to the entire Launch Madness Course – yours free as a fast action bonus.

    • w/ Worksheets, Checklists, SOPs, & Live Calls ($997)
    • 6, 7, 8 Figure Product Launch Blueprints ($697)
    • Digital, Physical, Coaching Funnels ($497)
    • Launch Playbook & Timeline ($197)
    • “The Launch Codes” Book

Total Value:  $7,361


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  • 1-Click Upsell (Paypal & Credit Card)
  • All Integrations
  • Coupons
  • Subscription Saver
  • Partner Contracts
  • Order Bump
  • Affiliate Center
  • API
  • User Management
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Premium Upgrade

Customer Demographics


Audience Builder

Uptime Monitoring

Fast Action Bonuses

Launch Madness Program




BoxCar Live Chat

Premium Upgrade


Sell Anything

Start selling digital products, physical goods, and services in minutes.

Built-In Payment Integrations

Simply connect your existing payment gateway to start accepting credit cards and Paypal payments from people all over the world.  All sensitive customer data is stored using the highest security and encryption standards by our trusted partners.

One-Time & Subscriptions

Charge a one-time fee or recurring subscription to your customers for any of your products with just a few clicks.

Payment Plans

Perfect for vendors who sell higher ticket products - allow your customers to pay in installments, charging them a specified number of payments over days, weeks, months or years.

Checkout Pop-Up Widgets

Have your customers purchase a product without ever leaving your sales page.  Using one of our checkout pop-up widgets, you can trigger a beautiful light-box pop-up from any button, text, image or link on your site.

Digital Products, Physical Goods & Services

Regardless of if you are selling a digital product - like software, an info product, or an online membership program - or if you sell physical goods and services - PayKickstart can manage all of your different offerings under one roof.

Free & Paid Trials

Want to allow your customers to try before they buy?  Enable a free or paid trial for a certain length of time, before billing them for your normal price structure.

Checkout Template Library

Choose from an  ever-growing library of customizable one-step and multi-step checkout templates.  Using our point-and-click template editor, have full control of your branding, text and elements on your checkout page.

Checkout Form Embed

Want to build your own checkout page from scratch?  Go for it!  No matter what landing page builder you prefer or even straight HTML, you can embed our checkout form onto any checkout page you create.

Conversion Boosters

Automated, out-of-the-box features designed to boost conversions and sales.

1-Click Upsells

Double the value earned from each customer, with 1-click functionality - allowing customers to enter their payment information once, then purchasing upsells or one-time offers with one click.

Works for both credit card and Paypal purchases.

Order Bumps

Use an order bump to make up to 30% more profit on your initial order - allowing customers to add additional products / services on their initial checkout, instantly boosting the average transaction value.

Pending Order Follow-Up

Send out a customizable "Pending Order" email to customers who abandoned your cart or fail to process a successful transaction - recapturing those potentially lost sales.

Retargeting & Tracking Pixels

Add 3rd party tracking pixels like Google Analytics and Facebook Retargeting to help pull visitors back into your sales funnel, turning prospects into long-term customers.

Coupon Codes

Run a special discount offer by promoting a time-sensitive coupon code for a percentage or dollar value off your product.

Subscription Saver

Stop leaving "easy money" on the table with declined or failed rebill attempts on your subscription products.

Our "Subscription Saver" is a fully automated and customizable dunning sequence for any failed rebill transactions - sending customers to a page to update their billing information and keep their account in good financial standing.


Pre-Filled Checkout Page

Along with the Pending Order email, when your customers return to the checkout page, the fields the previously filled out will already be pre-filled - making it painfully easy to complete their initial purchase.

Affiliate Management

Recruit and manage an army of affiliate partners to promote your products and earn referral commissions.

At-a-Glance Management

Manage all of your affiliates partners, including an easy way to see Commissions to Date, Pending Commissions, Refund Rate, and Status.  Also a build-in system for collecting and viewing W9/W8 tax forms for end-of-year accounting.

Lifetime Commissions

Have full control with how affiliate referrals get tracked and how commissions are earned.  Choose to allow affiliates to earn commissions on a Per Campaign basis or a Lifetime Commission program - that allow affiliates to promote one product, yet earn commissions across all of your different products and offers.

Real-Time Affiliate Contests

Vendors can run incentive contests, with a real-time leaderboard - displaying who the top affiliates are, based on the number of sales or revenue generated.  The leaderboard widget can be added to any website or Affiliate page and is updated in real-time.

Link Tracking

Affiliates have the ability to create unique tracking links or sub-IDs to help them better track which source of traffic is leading to more sales and higher conversions.

Instant & Delayed Commissions

Set each affiliate to instant commissions which will send their commissions instantly at the point-of-sale or delay commissions which will allow you to pay them once the transaction is outside your refund period or at a later date.

Built-In Marketing Materials

Each affiliate has their own login area where they will be able to gather all of their promotional materials to promote any vendor on the PayKickstart platform.

Affiliates can find their unique affiliate link(s), promotional banners, email swipes and any contests being run by the vendor.

Automated Bonus Delivery

Affiliates love to offer bonuses like a free eBook or product, to their referred customers who purchase through our link.  Affiliates can automatically send their bonuses to each customer of whom they earn an affiliate commission for.

Simple Affiliate Payout

Vendors can easily manage and pay out affiliate partners who's commissions were set to delayed.  Pay affiliates using the Paypal Mass Pay option or payout affiliates using other options like wire or bank transfer.


Integrate seamlessly with the 3rd party apps you already use and love.

Payment Integrations

Ready to start accepting payments?  Just connect to one of trusted payment gateway partners, including Paypal, Braintree, Authorize.net, Stripe, EasyPayDirect.  No secure payment details are ever stored on our servers.

Membership Integrations

Add a customer to a membership program, immediately sending their customer login details upon purchase.  Connect to one of the 10 different membership platforms we integrate with or use our IPN to integrate with an another service.

Webinar Integrations

Want to automatically add a new customer to an upcoming webinar?  Simply connect your webinar service with PayKickstart and each customer will be added to the upcoming webinar you specify.

Zapier Integration

With over 500+ integrations, if you cannot find the integration you are looking for - odds are you'll find it with Zapier.  With our PayKickstart + Zapier integration it unlocks the ability to connect to literally hundreds of additional 3rd party services.

Email Integrations

Want to add your buyers to your email marketing service for future follow-up?  Just connect your email marketing service to one of our 16 trusted partners and add prospects and customers to your list - optionally tagging them for advanced subscriber data.

Fulfillment Integrations

Want hands-free product fulfillment?  Have all of the customer's product and shipping details sent over to one of our fulfillment partners who can take it from there - packaging your product, shipping and tracking it until delivery.  Watch the status update from Order to Delivery right from inside PayKickstart.

Misc Integrations

We continue to add additional integrations with other 3rd party services to make it simple to manage your online business right from inside PayKickstart.

With integrations like Taxamo for VAT tax/compliance and Chart Mogul for advanced analytics, we continue to add more partners as we grow!

Custom Integration  / API

Have something custom that you need to integrate with PayKickstart?  Great!  We have a complete API with documentation that can help developers handle any type of custom integration you may need.


Beautiful, easy to understand reports and metrics to monitor your online business.

Dashboard for Vendors

When vendors login, see a birds-eye-view of what's going on in your business.  See sales, conversion, traffic, and affiliate metrics from one screen.

Sales & Revenue Reports

Get a snapshot or drill down into each campaign or product to analyze sales & revenue metrics.

Subscription & Churn Reports

Monitor your churn, monthly recurring revenue, average transaction value and more.

Affiliate Reports

See which affiliate partners are bringing you the most sales, the best conversion rate & EPC and so focus your efforts on the affiliates who are driving revenue.

Dashboard for Affiliates

When affiliates login, see a birds-eye-view of how their affiliate campaigns are performing, including their commissions, referral sales and more.

Conversion Reports

Want to see how a specific campaign is converting?  Track key metrics like conversion rate, earnings per click, earnings per sale and much more.

Traffic Reports

Learn more about your traffic - including impression and click stats for each product, referral partner and sales funnel.

Download the Mobile App

Bring PayKickstart with you - monitoring your online business on the go.

iPhone & iPad

ios 5.0 or later


Android 2.2 or later

Advanced Features

More features to take your business to the next level.

Partner Contracts

Did you partner with someone on a product?  Create a partner contract to automatically handle the revenue sharing per your agreement.  Never worry about manually calculating partner splits or who owes what to whom.

User Management / Permissions

It's hard running a business by yourself.  Which is why we built in advanced permissions and user management.  Invite your employees, contractors and partners to be able to access certain campaigns and data - based on their role with your company.


Build out an entire demographic profile about each of your customers - including their age, location, sex, language, likes, interests, occupation, social profiles, browser and OS information, and purchases by month, day and time.

Audience Builder

Be able to slice and dice your customer data how you see fit - being able to segment your customers by the products they purchased from you, the number of products they bought, and against any of the demographic insights we've gathered.

Take those audience segments and create custom audiences that you can serve ads to inside Facebook.

Offline Orders

Need to take an order in person or over the phone?  No problem.  Head over to the Manual Transactions area and enter the customer and billing details to process their order.

Licensing System

Need to secure a piece of software or application?  Use our built-in licensing system to issue unique license keys to each of your customers.  Easily create , remove access and manage license keys for each of your customers.


Want more insights into your customers?  Create and schedule an automated survey to go out after a specific customer action - a sale, a refund, a subscription cancellation, or custom criteria you set.

Uptime Monitoring

Websites go down.  Unfortunately its a part of running a business online.  Lets minimize your downtime with our Uptime Monitoring.  As soon as your website goes down, we send you an email notification to let you know - so you can get your site back up, making sales again.

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