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How to Build a 6 Figure Business with NO list, NO brand, and NO connections

Module #1: Research Recon

Before you can start contacting influencers, you need to understand the system for how to best research and find the most relevant authorities in your space.

Lesson 1.0: Reverse Engineering

Lesson 1.1: NinjaSpy Tactics

Learn about various other ways besides AuthoritySpy you can find influencers in your space.

Module #2: Content Recon

Lesson 2.2: Creating "Ego" Posts

Learn how to create content that strokes the ego of influencers, making them take notice of you and help spread the word about your content for you.

Lesson 2.2: Creating "Roundup" Posts

Learn how to leverage other people's content to create authority blog posts that will go viral!

Lesson 2.3: Interview Angle

Learn how to leverage other people's content to create authority blog posts that will go viral!

Lesson 2.4: Webinar Angle

This video will discuss how you can conduct webinars as a presenter or the host with influencers to help generate credibility, new subscribers and sales!

Lesson 2.5: Email Sponsorship

Learn how to leverage the power of other influencers email lists to promote your personal and business brand, products/services and programs.

Lesson 2.6: Guest Posting/Blog Commenting

See how long term guest posting and commenting and turn into lucrative JV partnerships and business relationships.

Lesson 2.7: Review Method

See how review an influencers product or program can lead to big payoffs long term!

Module #3: Outreach Recon

Lesson 3.8: Outreach Dos and Don'ts

When approaching influencers there are a number of things you can do and more importantly NOT do to increase your chances of connecting.

Lesson 3.9: Real-Time Outreach Monitoring

Learn a system for monitoring and organizing each of the different authorities you are looking to connect with in your niche.

Lesson 3.10: Outreach Methods

There are a number of different ways you can contact an influencer.  We will brake down exactly what mediums you should use and how you should use them.

Lesson 3.11: Live Networking Tips

We'll show you the most effective methods for connect with influencers at live events and how to make sure your impression sticks.

Lesson 3.12: Social CRM

We'll show you a more advanced way to start managing your influencer connections and relationships using Social CRM software.

Module #4: JV Recon

Lesson 4.13: Industry Stature

Learn the proper approach to who and how you should connect with influencers in your niche.

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Lesson 4.14: Finding JVs/Affiliates With Email Lists

It's true that the money is in the list, so its important to know exactly who in your industry has an influential subscriber list to help promote your products and programs.

Lesson 4.15: Creating Something Worth Discussing

In order to develop a relationship with top influencers, you NEED to have something worth discussing, making it worth their while.

Lesson 4.16: Facebook Ads Method

Learn this ninja tactic for contacting influencers using a completely new and unique method through the power of Facebook ads.

Lesson 4.17:  Custom Promotion Strategy

See how creating private, custom promotions both as an affiliate and vendor can turn into long-term relationships with influencers.

Lesson 4.18:  Joint Venture Strategy

Start working with influencers as "Partners" and generate crazy revenue, a massive email list and exposure all at the same time.