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From The Desk Of: Mark Thompson

To: Anyone that needs a leg-up in the online marketing game

Hey my name’s Mark Thompson and I’ve been a highly successful digital marketer and product creator for over a decade.

I’ve sold tens of thousands of SaaS (Software as a Service) products across a wide range of niches and I’ve generated millions in revenue in the process.

I’ve also worked for some of the biggest multi-million names and brands in the business, such as…

And today I want to let you in on a dirty, dirty secret in this industry.

In fact, it’s a secret that Anik Singal briefly let “out of the bag” above in his testimonial for me and my organization…

The Most Successful Online Marketers Are
Just “COPYING” and Tweaking What Works

It’s true!

The fact of the matter is that the most successful marketers, product creators, and entrepreneurs I know simply keep their eyes peeled for what OTHER people are doing successfully…

…then they copy it and tweak it for their audiences.

If we see headlines, emails, landing pages, ads, funnels, videos, and more that are performing incredibly well for somebody ELSE – then we look at how we can make that process work for OUR products.

It’s by doing what’s working for somebody else and tweaking it for our products and services, that it actually turns into something unique.

The funny thing is – Anik Singal says he is copying from us, but we’re also doing the same from HIM!

Now I’d like to give you the opportunity to take what’s working for us and use it yourself.

After all, if Anik Singal is doing it – you’re in good company.

Access The Same Conversion Secrets I Used
To Generate Millions Over the Past 10 years

The Conversion Secrets program comes in Five parts…

PART ONE 100 Battle-Tested Split Test Ideas:
Laser In On What Your Audience Responds To

One of the most famous marketers today will tell you first-hand how important split testing is…

“We are obsessed with split testing…and have spent 100s of 1000s of dollars testing every single element in our sales funnels.” - Russell Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels

Why is it so important?

Because it stops you from trying to “guess” what your audience responds to.

Your job isn’t to “guess’ in this industry…your job is to listen.

And the best way to listen to what your audience is telling you THEY want and what THEY respond best to, is to let their actions show you.

Split testing allows you to test subtle differences in your message, design, and funnel process and then let your audience decide which one they like better.

Based on the literal actions of your audience you can laser-focus on the best possible headlines, designs, and funnel processes for your product or service.

And once you’ve found that perfect process by listening to your audience, you can easily scale your operation up.

PART TWO The Unconventional Trick I Found
On Accident That Boosts Conversions By 400%

The great thing about taking good ideas and then testing them against other ideas is that – occasionally – you stumble onto a winning formula completely by accident.

And that’s what happened when I saw my conversions get boosted by an insane 400%.

Think about that for a second.

  • If you’ve got a campaign that’s drawing in $100 a day…this can increase it to $500!
  • $1,000 increases to $5,000…
  • 100 leads a day to 500 leads a day.

But I have to warn you… this method is a little “unconventional” and it may go against just about everything you’ve been told by all the “gurus” out there.

But don’t let that stop you from using it – because once you give it a try I think you’ll see the power of this amazing process.

PART THREE Mind Control Swipe File:
Plug-And-Play Headlines And Email Subjects PROVEN
To Make Your Prospect STOP and PAY ATTENTION

Here’s another dirty little secret for you – the most successful headlines and email subjects are recycled OVER AND OVER again…


Because they WORK.

In fact, many people new to online marketing are surprised to learn that folks like me will study old ads from the decades ago, WAY before the Internet was even a “thing”…

… and we’ll “swipe” those headlines and ideas for use in our highly successful sales pages and email campaigns.

Instead of sitting there agonizing over how to write your headline in a way that’s going to make people STOP and read your offer…

…or stressing yourself out on which subject line is going to penetrate the sea of spam your prospects are dealing with and actually get them to OPEN…

Now you can just use what works.

What you’ve got here with my Mind Control Swipe File is a grab-bag of plug-and-play headlines and subject lines PROVEN to work.

Just reach in that bag and pull out what works – tweak it a little for your product or service – and let ‘er rip.

PART FOUR The Highest-Converting Squeeze Page
Template We’ve EVER Used

This squeeze page is so powerful, so reliable, and so consistent it may be the ONLY template you ever need to use again.

This lead-generating template is PROVEN through years of split-testing to give you the strongest results possible.

It doesn’t matter what product you’re marketing, what niche you’re operating in, or what market you’re targeting, this SINGLE template could just outperform everything you’ve ever used in the past.

PART FIVE The Conversion Accelerator
Video Training Series

In this simple, easy-to-understand video training I’m going to break down the “hacks” I use to accelerate my company’s conversions.

These tricks were uncovered over years and years of trial and error, testing, split-testing, and testing again.

We spent the millions upon millions of dollars to find out what works FOR you. We lost the millions and millions of dollars to find out what doesn’t work FOR you.

In fact, just one of these hacks -- that you’ll learn about when you gain access to day - was responsible for boosting our sales $121,060! And that’s just on one of our funnels. I will show you exactly what we did and how you can do it too.

Get Access To The Conversion Secrets Program
NOW For The Price Of A Couple Pizzas

The Conversion Secrets program comes in Five parts…

What if I said you could get your hands on the Conversion Secrets Program for the price of a couple pizzas delivered to your door?

Seriously – that’s all it takes to get your hands on….

  • 100 Split Test Ideas
  • My 400% Conversion Boosting Trick
  • My Massive Mind-Control Swipe File
  • The #1 Highest Converting Squeeze Page Template
  • The Conversion Accelerator Video Training Series

You can copy and use these winning formulas TODAY and boost your sales by up to 400% or more. … all for about the same cost as getting a couple of cheese pizzas delivered to your door.

But I have to warn you…

This Ultra Low-Cost Offer To Access
All My Best Ideas Will End Soon

Here’s what could literally happen at any moment…

You could hit “refresh” on your browser and this page could say “Sorry, But This Offers Has Expired.” It happens all the time.

In fact – we get A LOT of complaints about it.

Every day, my team and I get an email from some disgruntled straggler who read a page JUST like this one, offering an outstanding low-cost offer that could transform their business.

… and that person decided they needed to “think it over” for a few days.

So they did!

They ordered a couple of cheese pizzas….thought it over…

And after finally deciding they wanted to take advantage of the offer, they came back to the page just to find…

“Sorry, This Offer Is No Longer Available.”

Because for some reason, when they read “This offer could expire at any moment” they thought we were bluffing!

But we weren’t.

When I say this is a very limited time offer – I mean it.

So if you leave right now to “think it over”, what you’re really doing is rolling the dice.

You’re gambling on the off-chance this offer will still be available a day from now or even an hour from now.

The safest thing for you to do right now is click the button below, review your order on the next page, take less than two measly minutes to fill in your payment info on that secure order page…and BOOM…

…get everything I’ve outlined here today sent straight to your inbox.


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